NCAA levies suspension on top of UCF’s self-imposed penalties for recruitment violations

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsPenn State isn’t the only school under the watchful gaze of the NCAA nowadays. UCF has joined the list of unfortunate instituted levied by the NCAA, a year after it imposed its own penalties in response to the recruitment violations since 2008.
UCF is a repeat offender of the NCAA’s key policies. Hence, the school was dealt more harshly with regards to the recruitment violations acknowledged of late by the UCF officials.
The NCAA launched an investigation began last year after media reports suggested that UCF was involved in something darker related recruiting. The UCF and it’s players from the football and basketball program were linked to a professional sports agency recruiting officer Ken Caldwell and his associate Brandon Bender.
The NCAA sent a report to the UCF on its allegations about the institute’s recruitment violations during August last year. The NCAA contested that Ken Caldwell and Brandon Bender were behind a scheme to help UCF in “the recruitment of six men’s basketball players and five football perspective student-athletes” through unfair means such as offering incentives that even included financial compensation.
The NCAA’s notice also stated that former UCF atheletics director Keith Tribble, Ken Candwell and “Jeff Lagos, a “known representative of the institution’s athletics interests,” tried to assist in these illegal operations by attempting to “arrange employment” for the individuals who were at the forefront of this recruitment violations scandal.
UCF’s basketball coach Donnie Jones was suspended for three games last season for his part in the recruitment violations. Keith Tribble and UCF assistant coach for the football program, David Kelly were found guilty for corrupt operations, and were thus forced to re-sign last year.
To begin a new era in compliance with the NCAA’s rules, UCF endured self-imposed penealties in February and hired Todd Stansbury in January to fill in for athletics director.
UCF was penalized with a $50,000 fine, one-year super bowl ban and an equal term ban for men’s basketball. Additionally, UCF must vacate a specified number of its men’s basketball victories, cut-down basketball scholarships, lose football and basketball coaches, as well as observe an even cautious method of recruiting and drop down on the recruiting days.
But what was most upsetting for SEC Commissioner and NCAA infractions committee member Greg Sankey, was the knowledge that UCF could monopolize and influence outside entities in the recruitment violations scandal.
“Part of what was troubling here is there was knowledge of the representatives or third parties being involved in the recruiting process and (UCF officials) facilitated that,” said Greg Sankey on Tuesday.
The UCF’s board of directors said they were reviewing the NCAA’s report that targeted the basketball and football program’s 2011 recruitment violations by paying for under recruitment  professional athlete’s services.
 “We have received the report, and we are reviewing it,” claimed UCF spokesman Chad Binette. “We are committed to building a strong culture of compliance and winning with integrity.”
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