NCAA needs to eliminate FBS vs FCS games and create more balanced schedules

NO more soft non conference schedules for BCS schools

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There's a lot of things about College Football that makes zero sense. For years it was the unbalanced games teams played. Once the NCAA determined every school play 12 regular season games plus conference championship, that issue was eliminated. 

The rules have and will forever boggle the minds of many. Why do we need these marathon games? You're telling me the clock has to stop after every first down to move the chains? The officials on Sunday don't have any issues with that.

And the new targeting rule has scared defensive backs away from tackling anyone. However, if replay shows the player didn't target, he stays in the game but the penalty stands. Are educated adults making these decisions? Makes ya scratch your head.

My biggest issue with college football, which hopefully changes next year with the playoff system, is the unbalanced schedule. Now when I say that I'm specifically referring to schools who either play more home games than road games, or unfathomably schedule FCS schools or non BCS schools for non conference games.

This may sound bizarre because I've been a die hard Alabama fan since circa 1989. I don't care how many "tough" conference games are on the schedule, nobody--especially the two time defending National Champions, should be allowed to schedule Georgia State and Chattanooga in the same season.

I watched Alabama play that game and thought they could've had a tougher game if they scrimmaged instead. It was essentially another bye week. All you hope for is no significant injuries. Saban took McCarron out with 4 minutes left in the FIRST HALF up 38-0. 

Now I know most FBS schools play at least one FCS school per season. I even recall when it prevented Auburn from playing for a National Championship in 2004. I just can't understand how these games benefit FBS schools.

The funny thing is Georgia State plays in the Sun Belt conference, which is actually a FBS school. No, I'm not kidding. Georgia State has already lost two games to two FCS schools, including a lopsided 42-14 affair against aforementioned Chatanooga. How is the Sun Belt an FBS conference?

If the NCAA can provide a playoff system, they should be able to eliminate frivolous games for power conferences contending for National Championships. And I don't want to hear about the rare upsets; FCS schools beating a FBS school from a BCS conference happens as often as a 15 seed beating a 2 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament. 

Hypothetically, if Alabama played the 5th best school from any BCS conference, tell me they wouldn't win by 20. At least it would be watchable and remotely competitive. 

I have a proposal for how to solve this issue, or at least minimize the unbalanced schedules:

8 conference games (could be nine). Then take a page out of the NFL schedules.

The highest rated conference champion would play the second rated conference champion winner the following regular season. And the runner-ups would also play. 

For example: Alabama would've played Stanford and Georgia would've played UCLA this season. Then regular-season conference position would determine other games. For example: Florida would've played Oregon and LSU would've played Oregon State. 

I just want to put non conference schedules in the hands of the NCAA, not the schools. My system may be convoluted and could have its own flaws. BUT--who wouldn't want more competetive games throughout the season?

The playoff system is a great first step in the right direction; I just hope it's the beginning to so much more. 
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