NCAA removes player search feature from website

As they target Johnny Manziel, the NCAA's hypocrisy is revealed

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The NCAA is trying to nail Johnny Manziel for allegedly accepting money for autographs. Players aren't allowed to make any money off their name, likeness, their status as a college football player, or the fame that they've earned from it.

The NCAA, in order to remain compliant with this policy, only sells jerseys with numbers on the back, rather than putting the players' names on there, since that would imply that they're making money off the players' names and/or likenesses.

However, up until yesterday, if you did a search for Johnny Manziel (or any other big-name college football player), you'd find his jersey with his number on there, obviously showing that a Texas A&M #2 jersey is correlated with Manziel himself.

ESPN's Jay Bilas pointed this out, showing that you could search the NCAA site and find a Nerlens Noel Kentucky jersey by typing Noel's name into the search box.

Blog Photo - NCAA removes player search feature from website

None of those jerseys actually say "Noel" on them, but he wore #3 on his jersey for Kentucky when he played there, so it's clear that the NCAA is more than happy to use that connection to make more money off Kentucky #3 jerseys.

Up until 4 p.m. Tuesday, this feature was working for various players in different sports, including Manziel:

Blog Photo - NCAA removes player search feature from website

In fact, the NCAA was so helpful that even if you spell Jadeveon Clowney's name wrong, they're still kind enough to lead you to merchandise featuring his school and jersey number:

Blog Photo - NCAA removes player search feature from website

This is blatant hypocrisy from the NCAA, who is doing everything they possibly can to ensure that players don't get a single dime off the years of hard work that they've done to get them to this level. Sure, some of them (like Clowney) will most likely enter the NFL and make boatloads of money. In the long run, Clowney will be fine.

But when the NCAA is targeting players for making a few dollars here and there, and threatening their eligibility over a few bucks, they shouldn't be using those same players' names to make money for themselves.

It's hypocrisy at it's finest, and it's about time that someone stands up to the NCAA and forces them to relax their absurd rules. Free Manziel!

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8/12/13   |   kenlay716

It's time that college football players get a stipend. These kids are poverty-stricken during college and NCAA football is just as much big business as the NFL is. Granted, Johnny Manziel is a bad example because his parents are rich.