NFL Championship Weekend Matchup Predictions

Championship Weekend Matchup Predictions

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Last week's Divisional Round playoff games were certainly not short of exciting NFL action. The Ravens and Broncos started off our weekend with a thrilling double-overtime nail-biter, Colin Kaepernick exploded onto the national scene as one of the league's most dangerous quarterbacks, and Matt Ryan temporarily put criticism to rest with an incredibly clutch game-winning drive. Texans/Patriots could have been a little more entertaining, but I don't think many people gave Houston a chance in that one anyway. With two games standing between four teams and the Super Bowl, here's what I see going down in the NFC and AFC Championship games:

49ers (12-4-1) @ Falcons (14-3): The top two teams in the NFC will meet in Atlanta this weekend, and we'll likely be in for a game similar to when the Falcons hosted the Seahawks a week ago. The 49ers and Seahawks have both followed the same basic blueprint to construct their roster - a vicious defense with a smash mouth, run oriented offense. They even both have quarterbacks who can take off and burn you on the ground. The Falcons, right now, feel like they can beat a team like the 49ers, as they just beat their lookalike in the Seahawks last week.
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I don't think it's fair to knock the Falcons for their playoff struggles this week. Sure, Matt Ryan only improved his career playoff record to 1-3, but he did so in impressive fashion. I predicted that Ryan would uncharacteristically throw some interceptions, and he did, but he didn't let it faze him. He proceeded to complete over 68% of his passes and throw for three touchdowns. He finished off the game with a masterful drive, executed with 31 seconds remaining on the clock, which won the Falcons the football game.

While I do think this gets the Falcons over the playoff hump, there are some things that they were able to do against the Seahawks that they won't be able to do against the 49ers. First of all, they ran the ball extremely well. This is a team ranked 29th in rushing that boasts an abysmal 3.7 yards per carry average. An extremely washed up Michael Turner ran for 98 yards on only 14 carries, while backup Jacquizz Rodgers got 64 yards out of his 10 attempts. That allowed the Falcons to control the clock for most of the game, keeping the Seahawks off the field and essentially giving them less time to complete their comeback attempt. Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, and Navorro Bowman won't let them get away with that.

In addition, the Falcons 29th ranked run defense was able to bottle up the Seahawks run game. I believe a large part of that had to do with Marshawn Lynch's foot sprain being more serious than anyone had believed. Regardless, the 49ers have a massive offensive line that makes it incredibly tough to get a shot at the ball carrier. The Falcons and their typically struggling run defense will have a very tough time containing the 49ers' ground attack.

I think this game will play out very similarly to the Seahawks/Falcons matchup (aside from Atlanta going up by 20). The big differences between the Falcons' last game and this week's game will be on the ground - the 49ers won't let Michael Turner look like he's still in his 20's, and the Seahawks won't shut down Frank Gore and company. I expect Colin Kaepernick to play about as well as Russell Wilson did last week, so what happens on the ground will make all the difference.

49ers win 31-27.
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1/18/13   |   dckromm

That;s all great. I know everyone likes to talk about how great Brady is.
But the fact is, on the last 4 Ravens meetings, Brady has thrown 7 Interceptions and only 4 TD's.
That's not very elite!