NFL Draft: Why teams want out of the top ten

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As a result of all the things I've mentioned, we have teams reportedly attempting to trade out of the top ten already. Those teams, however, are going to have a very hard time finding trade partners. While teams in the past have been willing to give up a haul of draft picks to take a top player (such as the Falcons trading up for Julio Jones in 2011), that is unlikely to be the case this year. Although there is a lack of talent at the top of the draft, many suggest that this is going to be one of the most talented second round draft classes we've ever seen. As a result, early picks are less valuable than usual, while second round picks are more valuable.
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It 's not going to be easy to find a team willing to deal a decent pick to move up into the top ten. The best bet would be if a team truly falls in love with a particular player. Tavon Austin - this year's top ranked receiver - has been suggested as a player who a team could potentially trade up for. I think that Ezekiel Ansah is another player that could get a team to trade up, as his rare physical tools are likely to get some teams excited. The Steelers have been mentioned as a team that is "drooling over" Ansah.

This well-balanced draft is a rough draw for the league's worst teams, but is a gold mine for the contenders. The rich are likely to get richer in this draft, and they won't have much of a reason to give up any of their draft pick inventory to move up.
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