NFL F-U Power Rankings: Week 6

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All persons, places and things middle finger related in the form of an indiscriminate list without any set number of entries, on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Who knows? Middle fingers are completely organic and unpredictable. 

Even though Kanye had a seminal middle finger performance and Commissioner Voldemort had a big week the F-U-X-Files has uncovered a new #1. Zapruder would be proud.

#1 Ray Lewis: ESPN analyst and noted Goodell conspiracy theorist, prominently wears his gigantic Super Bowl ring on his middle finger. As a tip of the hat to Paul Lukas and the Uni Watch you can see it here, here and here. This clearly has some deeper meaning. The effing truth is out there.

Aug 2, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell looks at memorabilia inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame prior to the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement at Fawcett Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports#2 Roger Goodell: He fined Seattle’s Lynch for wearing the wrong colored cleats, because as the commercials will tell you, they’re not just raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer, THEY’RE ACTUALLY SAVING LIVES!!! IF THAT LADY HADN’T SEEN THOSE PINK WRISTBANDS SHE’D BE EFFING DEAD! DEAD!! That’s going above a beyond safety people. Speaking of going above and beyond safety, Goodell also e-mailed everyone a personalized, pre-emptive F-U position piece (re-emphasizing his party’s talking points) right before a certain book and accompanying documentary were released…

#3 Frontline: League of Denial. A Samuel L. Jackson like ‘retort’ to the NFL’s stance on the relationship between the head trauma associated with football and CTE later in life. Highlights included graphic autopsy photos, someone named ‘Dr. No’ and an inevitable “day of reckoning” for the NFL. “Say ‘WHAT?’ again, Roger! Say it M-F’er! Say it one more G-D time!” I hope Benedict Cumberbatch plays both Fanairu brothers in the movie version, (with dueling ridiculous wigs) The Fifth Estate II: The Inconvenient Truth.

#4 Marshwan Lynch: The habitual line stepper was also dinged in 2011 for wearing Skittle themed cleats. So, EFF YO couch Goodie!

#5 Dan Snyder: In response to the President’s remarks regarding his team’s name, Danny Boy jumped on the opportunity to circle the wagons & stick to his guns (sorry for the very poor choice of words) by releasing a public letter full of defiant “contrite-y-ness” that has more flaws than the Bible has Psalms. 

#6 Dominic Raiola: The Detroit Lions lineman (of course the Lions) apparently hurled homophobic remarks at The University of Wisconsin’s band during their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Pound for pound this team may have the most A-holes in the league. The Lions are investigating these allegations with the same fervor that the NFL has for this concussion hubbub.

#7 Vegas: The spread in the Denver / Jacksonville game opened at 28 points. TWENTY. EIGHT. That’s an Ohio St. / Florida A+M number. Hell, I don’t even think the Jags would give 28 to Florida A+M. One way or another the books are effing daring you with that number.

Also receiving non-NFL related F-U votes: A-Rod’s lawsuit against everything and everybody associated baseball including Tom Emanski, Ken burns, Enrico Pallazzo and the Delaware River’s mud. The week also featured David Price v. Nerds, Nerds v. Price, Barves v. Chipper, Neil Degrasse Tyson v. Gravity and Kanye West v. Society. 

There is no “I” in F-U, but there is an EFF and a YOU.

Until that day.

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Denver / Jacksonville game opened at 28 points

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To update the season long FU Power Rankings Championship. Goodell's win streak was broken, but his "podium" streak is now up to five, which means he adds to his commanding lead. He caught a lucky break in that this was published right before the Rick Reilly came out, which almost certainly would've cemented Reilly as this week's #1.

The current top 10;

1. Roger Goodell 40
2. God/God's Plan 14
3. Bill Belichick 10
3. Ray Lewis 10
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 (Both Hoodie and Ray Ray have wins, given them the tiebreak over Schiano Paranoia)
6. Sean Payton 6
6. Sal Paolantonio 6
6. Philadelphia Eagles 6
9. Dan Snyder 5 (I have a feeling he will be making a second half charge somehow)
10. Tennessee Titans 4
10. League of Denial 4

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I read "Kanye had a semianal middle finger" 
Re: Lynches cleats.......
No one on the Ravens team had a stitch of pink on Sunday.   Goodell is a hater.

Well done...

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Awesome. Love the Enrico Pallazzo reference.

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Marshawn = HMD!

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Aww, Psalms is my second fave.

*snort*  F-U-X-Files.

Ha...The Fifth Estate II.

Goodell is OOC.