NFL Fans' 10 Favorite and Least Favorite Players, According to Forbes

Football fans' favorite and least favorite players

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Top 10 Least-Liked Players
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1. Ndamukong Suh (DT, DET)
2. Jay Cutler (QB, CHI)
3. Michael Vick (QB, PHI)
4. Randy Moss (WR, SF)
5. Matt Leinart (QB, OAK)
6. Tony Romo (QB, DAL)
7. Kyle Orton (QB, DAL)
8. Santonio Holmes (WR, NYJ)
9. Mark Sanchez (QB, NYJ)
10. Brady Quinn (QB, KC)

Ndamukong Suh probably would have been on the opposite end of these rankings early in his career, but he has since gained a reputation as a dirty player, highlighted by
stomping on a player's arm on national TV last year.

Quarterbacks once again dominate the top ten, even more than in the most-liked category. Jay Cutler earned his spot by yelling at his wide receivers and getting in sideline altercations with coaches. Michael Vick is a $100 million disappointment who hasn't been able to live up to his talk of a "dynasty." Tony Romo is the quarterback of America's Team, but America's Team has just one playoff victory with Romo under center. Mark Sanchez has become a bust after being selected 5th overall in 2009 and is keeping the world from seeing another installment of Tebow Time.

None of the other three quarterbacks on the list came into the season as their team's starter, so it's sort of strange to see them here. Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn are both 1st round picks who haven't panned out, but it's not like they're scumbags. Then you have Kyle Orton, a 4th round pick who's been pretty solid relative to his expectations coming out of college. I don't have any theories as to why football fans could possibly dislike him.

The top ten least-liked is rounded out by diva wide receivers. Randy Moss hasn't done anything worth his ranking recently, but people apparently have yet to forget his antics that got him both traded and released in 2010. Santonio Holmes is an overpaid receiver who made headlines with an on-field temper tantrum at the end of last season.
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