NFL Free Agency Madness

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March 14, 2013; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker talks to the media during a press conference held at the teams training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Wes Welker is a Denver Bronco. Weird. Too weird. But just one of many signings the last 3 days that make me think the NFL needs someone to remind them that March Madness is not for them. Its an NCAA mens COLLEGE BASKETBALL tournament, not the free agent signing craziness that has happened this past week.

So, Wes Welker becomes a free agent, after quarterback Tom Brady supposedly restructures his contract to keep him in New England? What's going on there? And then, word is, that Welker personally contacted John Elway and tried to sell his receiving skills to Elway? What? So now, Welker signs a 2 year deal for 12 million, gets to catch passes from Payton Manning instead of Tom Brady and make more money? Wow. Madness.

Then, the Broncos make another move that is unfathomable. Their leading sacking Elvis Dumervil agrees to restructure his contract to stay with the team. But due to some supposed "mishap" the papers do not get submitted in time and Dumervil is released without getting anything for him? They do get out of paying him 12 million dollars but it appears they would want to keep him. Apparently not. Now where is he going?

Madness continues in the NFC North with wide receiver Greg Jennings heading to division rival Minnesota Vikings. this is AFTER Percy Harvin heads to the Seattle Seahawks. I have got to believe that while Percy Harvin is a very good player, the Vikings come out better off with an experienced veteran with great hands in Jennings. Packers cannot be happy.

Reggie Bush then signs with the Detroit Lions. NFC North getting a bit more interesting. Lions already had Matthew Stafford passing to Calvin Johnson, but now they are going to have a legit running game on top of that? Good for the Lions and Reggie Bush. But as a Bears fan, kind of maddening nonetheless.

Other madness in the NFL, Wes Welker II, otherwise known as a Danny Amendola signs with the Patriots. So Bill Belicheck goes for the younger version of the exact guy he had. Played after him at Texas Tech and now in New England. Welker leaves quite the legacy behind. Hope for Amendola's sake he can live up to it. Those are hard shoes to step into.

Other big names making a splash are Stephen Jackson heading top the Falcons from the Rams and Anquan Boldin moving from the Super Bowl Champion Ravens to the likely Super Bowl Champs of 2014 the San francisco 49ers. Wow. I cannot even imagine Boldin playing in that 49ers offense. Its going to be something special to watch.

And this NFL free agency madness is clearly far from over. Even the Bears are getting in the mix, making two key pickups in Martellus Bennett and Jermon Bushrod. Wow, even the Bears are lost in the madness. It cracks me up that as the NCAA tournament is upon us, the NFL continues to steal the stoplight. March Madness does not mean you, NFL. step back. Calm down. Give the college boys a chance for their 15 minutes. Geez.
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