NFL Free Agency Period Cools Off Considerably

NFL Free Agency Goes into March Madness Hibernation

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Blog Photo - NFL Free Agency Period Cools Off ConsiderablyAfter an absolutely head-spinning opening to its free agency period, things in the NFL job market have cooled off considerably. Lots of big names are on new teams but not all of them received long contracts and ridiculous money. In fact, there were quite a few bargains to be had. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks who landed two of the most coveted defensive linemen, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett, for a combined song. But now that the dust has settled a bit, things have gotten very quiet on the open market. Quite a few big-name veterans have yet to receive offers and you can tell that GMs everywhere are waiting for true desperation to kick in. Here’s a quick look at some of the names still on the unemployment line.
Quarterback: OK, so this is one position where the pickings are slim and none and, as Don King would say, “Slim just left town, Jack.” Any team that wants to take a crack at the likes of Kevin Kolb, Jason Campbell, and Rex Grossman can probably have their pick of the litter (we mean the garbage variety of litter) without much interference. You’d almost be better off busting Ryan Leaf out of jail.
Running back: Ahmad Bradshaw and Felix Jones are the first two names that jump out at you. They’ve both had injury issues but, given the right role and a little luck, they might just have some gas left in the tank. Guys like Peyton Hillis, Cedric Benson, and Michael Turner seem like sketchy-looking used cars at best. Chris Ivory of the Saints is interesting but restricted. In short, most teams would rather find a back in the draft than on the free agent market.
Defensive end: The Elvis Dumervil saga has been well documented. But let’s just assume that he’ll end up re-signing with the Broncos. That still leaves three of the biggest names left in free agency all sitting at the same position waiting for offers. John Abraham, Dwight Freeney, and Osi Umenyiora will all find jobs for sure but, given the defensive linemen who have already signed; their contracts will be of the one- or two-year bargain bin variety. Getting one of these guys for next-to-nothing and book-ending them with an existing #1 defensive end in passing situations seems like an absolute no-brainer.
Cornerback: Another position with some desperate talent available. Brent Grimes, Antoine Winfield, D’Angelo Hall, and Nnamdi Asomugha, are just a few of the guys out there. (By the way, Minnesota, please bring back Winfield.) This is a tricky position though. You’d be hard-pressed to find a team giving up on a guy who can cover but you get the sense that, given the success of Seattle’s Richard Sherman, teams are now trending towards big, physical corners. Again, could be some good bargains here.
Linebacker: Nothing much to talk about here. Though after turning down Chicago’s $2 million “ultimatum” Brian Urlacher may be forced to take a job where he’s paid per tackle. Karlos Dansby will catch on somewhere and Roger Goodell is praying that James Harrison does too.
There are plenty of other high-profile players still out there twisting in the wind. Who do you think is worth taking a flyer on?

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