NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones dies at age 74

Deacon Jones, one of the NFL's all-time greats, dies at age 74

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Deacon Jones was one of the most feared players in the NFL in his day, as part of the "Fearsome Foursome" for the Los Angeles Rams. His nickname was "The Secretary of Defense," and he's credited with inventing the sack, a stat now synonymous with great defensive linemen.

Jones has passed away at age 74, leaving behind a legacy as an incredible football player and an incredible person after his career was over. He died of natural causes.

Blog Photo - NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones dies at age 74Redskins GM Bruce Allen, son of Jones' former coach George Allen, had this to say about Jones
"Deacon Jones was one of the greatest players in NFL history. Off the field, he was a true giant. His passion and spirit will continue to inspire those who knew him. He was a cherished member of the Allen family and I will always consider him my big brother."

Former teammate and fellow HOFer Jack Youngblood:
"Deacon Jones has been the most inspirational person in my football career."

George Allen called Jones the greatest defensive end of modern football.

Rams defensive end Chris Long:
"The thing we've got to remember being players in this era is to really respect the game `back when,' because those guys could really play. Deacon Jones is a perfect example. This whole league and everybody in this game should honor the past and the players who played in that era. Those guys paved the way for us."

RIP Deacon Jones, and best wishes to his family, who have lost one of the truly amazing people in NFL history.
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