NFL Might Play Super Bowl XLVIII on Saturday

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The NFL is working on possible contingency plans for next year's Super Bowl to be played in New Jersey. Due to the number of storms the region has had in the past few months, the league wants to have plans in place in case stormy weather is a possibility next February.

One possible option is for the NFL to postpone the game for a few days. That wouldn't be an ideal option and it would take a lot of planning. Playing the game midweek could make it tough for fans whose travel plans could be greatly impacted by postponing the game. Would the league offer refunds under this scenario? I can't see that happening. This could be a nightmare for the NFL.

The other option is to play the game on Saturday. This option assumes that a possible storm wouldn't hit the area on the Saturday prior to the big game. I like this option. I think it would provide the least amount of disruptions to the fan base. I also think that travelers could easily plan for this option.

The ideal scenario for the NFL would be for the region to have the best weather possible and for there to be no disruptions to the game. That might be possible but at least the NFL is preparing for the worst.

If a storm does hit the region and major disruptions are felt by the league, it could be the last time that a Super Bowl was played in a roofless stadium in a cold climate.

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