NFL Picks Week 7: Trent Edwards Returns For Buffalo Against The Chargers

We'll See If Trent Edwards' Return Will Get The Bills Rolling Again

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Here are this weeks NFL picks. First up, the featured games, followed by the slightly less awesome games.

Featured Games

Chargers at Bills
[53% of FanIQ picking Buffalo]

San Diego is starting to regain its confidence after a 30-10 throttling of New England last Sunday night. Now in order to keep up with Denver, the Chargers must get a tough road win in Buffalo will hopefully gets Trent Edwards back in top form. Edwards is the story here. His near perfect play, especially in 4th quarters is the reason for the Bills 4-1 start, but I'm not sure he'll be as sharp as necessary on Sunday. Philip Rivers is playing exceptionally well and that should continue to open up some room for LaDainian Tomlinson and a tough, close victory. Bolts 24, Bills 20

Vikings at Bears
[70% Chicago]

I don't want to put too much pressure on either team, but basically their season's on the line. Chicago needs to prove it can bounce back from the devastating, embarrassing :11 blunder in Atlanta. Minnesota has gotten back to 3-3, but hasn't exactly been impressive in doing so. Adrian Peterson has been held under 100 yards in three of his last four games and now faces a Bears defense bent on stopping the run. Of course, that didn't stop Purple Jesus from putting on a show last year in Chicago to the tune of 224 yards and three touchdowns. He won't match that success, but he'll still run well now that Gus Frerotte is moving the football through the air. But I think the Bears defense will rebound and force some big turnovers and a score to take the lead in the NFC North. Bears 20, Vikes 17

MNF: Broncos at Patriots [68% Denver]

If Philip Rivers threw for over 300 yards against the Patriots thanks to a New England defensive line that isn't getting any pressure on quarterbacks, Jay Cutler should have himself a day. Another 350+ for him, while Matt Cassel struggles again and here's the boo-birds throughout the fourth quarter. Broncos 27, Patriots 17

Colts at Packers
[70% Indianapolis]

Peyton Manning and the Colts offense finally appears to have woken up from its slumber and seems primed to start scoring at will. Their running game has yet to really get going, but that's not really much of a problem with Green Bay. They should be able to pick apart that banged up Green Bay secondary at will. On the flip side, the question is how good is Aaron Rodgers's shoulder? Ryan Grant may also finally have an opportunity to run for something more than 25 yards this game because of the poor Colts run defense, but in the end, it won't be enough. Colts 30, Packers 21

And now for the rest of the weekend's games, here's 100% Injury Rate.

Saints at Panthers [51% New Orleans]

Big divisional game here. The Panthers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs while the Saints are coming off a beat down of the rudderless Raiders. For the life of me, I can't figure the Panthers out and never have been able to. Meanwhile, the Saints are the same damn thing. Drew Brees is awesome, but this team always finds some way to mess up sure victories. Honestly, I have no clue for this game, and it seems neither does anyone else. But because Brees is cool, I'll go with the Saints in a mild upset. Saints 28, Panthers 24

Steelers at Cincinnati
[89% Steelers]

Does this game even need a preview? Seriously, the Bengals are starting former Harvard star Ryan Fitzgerald, which would be great if we were having an SAT contest. But this is a football game. Plus it's starting to become apparent that the Bengals are quitting. Steelers should take this thing easily. Steelers 24, Bengals 10.

Ravens at Dolphins
[61% Miami]

This game has some background to it because Ravens coach John Harbaugh said this week that Cam Cameron - who's now the Raven O-coordinator - did the best job he could with the talent he had on last year's 1-15 Dolphins team. Naturally, a lot of Dolphins are upset. I love trash talk like that, but not when it's between two teams that aren't going anywhere this year. Miami mans up, runs that Wildcat junk a few times, and Ronnie Brown has himself a day. Dolphins 28, Ravens 13

Titans at Chiefs
[88% Titans]

Tennessee is in for a treat, seeing as Larry Johnson won't be playing because he's been suspended for a game by the Chiefs. You have to figure the Titans magical undefeated run will stop at some point, but it sure as hell won't be this weekend. The Chiefs just absolutely suck, and are coming off a hideous 34-0 loss to the Panthers, so don't expect much from them. Titans 24, Chiefs 13.

Texans at Lions
[85% Texans]


49ers at Giants [90% Giants]

The Giants will look to bounce back from that surprisingly bad loss against the Browns. And as a San Francisco fan, let me tell, nothing cures what ails you like our team coming to town. The 49ers seemingly commit more costly turnovers than anyone in the league - thanks to JT O'Turnover Machine, and their defense, besides Patrick Willis, is average at best. Even if Eli has another "Eli" game, the Giants should win this pretty easily and get back on track. Giants 31, 49ers 17

Cowboys at Rams [90% Dallas]

Interesting game here. The Cowboys are really banged up - Romo and Felix Jones - and their secondary is a mess with Pacman now in alcohol rehab. Plus the Rams are suddenly inspired now that Scott Linehan is gone. The big question is how will Romo's pinkie hinder him? No one really knows, but I do know that Brad Johnson is a decent backup, even though he's 73. That said though, I think this game is going to surprise people. The Cowboys are reeling and they're facing the Rams at just the wrong time. Rams 28, Cowboys 27

Jets at Raiders [88% Jets]

Favre always plays well in Oakland, and Oakland has pretty much given up on this season, as evidenced by their showing against the Saints last weekend. Jets roll easily. Jets 28, Raiders 6

Browns at Redskins
[79% Skins]

Dangerous game here for the Skins. They lost to an inspired Rams team last weekend and now face the suddenly healthy and rejuvenated Browns. The Skins are also a bit of a mystery. They played so well in their 4 wins and just horrendously in their two losses. It seems Jim Zorn is still adjusting to becoming a head coach. Logic says the Skins turn it around, but I've been on the Browns bandwagon since last year and I hate Brady Quinn more than Derek Jeter and Alex Rodirguez combined. So I'm all for the Derek Anderson train to keep rolling. Browns 30, Skins 24

Seahwaks at Bucs [88% Bucs]

Looks like Matt Hasselbeck won't be playing, which means Seattle won't be winning. Bucs 24, Seattle 10
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10/18/08   |   Jess   |   35086 respect

MarkTheShark wrote:
Hey, Jason what about the Panthers being "the team to beat" in the NFC South? pffffhffft
Buccaneers DISMANTLED them last Sunday....Bucs= NFC South champions. Defense is too good.


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(Edited by MarkTheShark)

Hey, Jason what about the Panthers being "the team to beat" in the NFC South? pffffhffft
Buccaneers DISMANTLED them last Sunday....Bucs= NFC South champions. Defense is too good.