NFL: Present and future of some.

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With NFL being confused and scrambling to figure what they can possibly do in future, here are a few of the story lines that will interest you!
Quarterback dominoes; are there any?
The quarterback position is one that is more than often exciting in NFL agency, and this time it is no different. There is nothing short of even more exciting names.
Firstly there are a couple of NFL player which are almost reaching there end — Drew Brees and Alex Smith still don’t seem to have contracts with their respective teams, but they can be expected to have them signed in future and they possibly will. Peyton Manning certainly not a free agent or something like that, but he likely will be, and his choice of side will impact future of NFL a lot!
Another fact coming to the picture is that behind Peyton Manning the biggest name will be Matt Flynn, the Packer who played his game in great order this year. He easily qualifies for being the best player this year and checks in all categories to be above all and is someone that can be compared to the might of Peyton Manning. Along with him Kyle Orton would be taking teams to a new level altogether, and Chad Henne has also proved himself when he has been in good health. Jason Campbell could be a good and reasonable option for a team who does not seek for long term commitment.
In total all of us can expect a lot of changes in the pattern of NFL this year. We will also be witnessing a few new faces most definitely!
Running back the stage
As shocking as it sounds but the two big and gigantic names are out of contract this year — Ray Rice and Matt Forte. Neither the Ravens nor the Bears would want to let them go but they certainly are a bit skeptical about investing a large sum of money in a large term contract.
Intriguing new and old receivers
There is no particular super-efficient change agent except Wes Welker, but he does not seem interested in changing his sides anyway.
There are two possibly but risky guys in the game around: Vincent Jackson and San Diego. All of us know that Reggie Wayne did not succeed in having 1,000 yards last year for the first time ever since 2003. Although he has been a good player but his team must have been worried about his growing age and techniques. His drug abuse has also been one of the reasons behind his performance.
Dan Connor is a difficult and complex guy in Carolina. Sometimes he looks like an attacker baller! Teams would love to have him on their side but his contact fees will be a area to concern everyone!
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