NFL: Quick Reations to the Week 5ís Early Games

Andrew Luck Comeback, RGIII Hit Hard, and Steelers Win: Quick Reactions to the Early Games.

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Andrew Luck led the Colts to 19 straight second half points and a 30-27 victory.

Packers vs. Colts 30-27: Andrew Luck has officially arrived! The rookie QB led the Colts to 19 straight second half points to tie the game late in the fourth quarter against the heavily favorite Packers. Greenbay stormed out to a double digit half time lead and it looked like the route was on, but then could not get any offense going in the second half.  
Maybe Luck played great or the Packers played bad, but the question now is what's wrong with Greenbay? Sure most of the talk has been about the botched Seattle call, but the Packers have not looked great at all this season. Has the league finally figured Rodgers out or is an explosive offense just not enough anymore?
Falcons defeat Redskins 24-17: There were a few storylines coming from this game: RGIII being knocked out of the game after a big hit in the third quarter; Billy Cundiff’s inability to make a field goal (missed 4 of his last 6); the skins other rookie, running back Alfred Morris looking fantastic and rushing for over 100 yards for the second consecutive game. How about the Falcon’s remaining undefeated or Kirk Cousins throwing for a 77 yard touchdown? Either way this was a great game, and the only headline that matters is the Falcons are 5-0.
Ravens defeat Chiefs 9-6: Neither team could muster up any form of offense, which is not surprising for Kansas City as Matt Cassel was particularly bad, going 9 for 15 with 92 yards and two interceptions. The surprising thing about this game was Flacco’s lack of production. The Raven’s QB has played great through four weeks of football, but was nothing more than a game manager against the Chiefs.
Giants defeat Browns 41-27: Is there any team in the NFL that thrives on pressure more than the Giants? New York started the game by creating a 14-0 deficit against the Browns, just so they could make the game interesting, and then stormed back to take a 27-17 half time lead. The Giants are like an ‘adrenaline junky’ that has to perform increasingly outlandish stunts in order to get a ‘rush’. If the Giants are at home against a team they are supposed to beat, it feels like they don’t even try anymore.
Steelers defeat Eagles 16-14: This game was a grind out defense first type of game. Even though Vick threw for two touchdowns, the Eagles could not muster up any offense. Vick also didn’t make any mind numbing mistakes, but expectations for him have fallen so low that one of the announcers actually said: “Vick ONLY has a couple of fumbles today”.
Dolphins defeat Bengals 17-13: This was another low scoring, very-little-offense football game. Dalton threw a couple of interceptions and neither team really looks like much of a contender. The big take away was Reggie Bush coming back to earth a bit, and only rushing for 48 yards on 19 carries.
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johnsondavid841 wrote:
Any more details on RG3's big hit?

He said on Twitter that he is okay and plans to play next week. 

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Any more details on RG3's big hit?

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