NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Should Sign Ex-Jet Wide Receiver Jerricho Cotchery

New England Patriots Should Sign Ex-Jet Jerricho Cotchery

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I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Jerricho Cotchery for years now. I hate him not only because he has played for the Patriots biggest rival, the New York Jets, but because he always seemed to save his best performances for when they played the Patriots.
But just as much as the Patriots fan in me hates him, the football fan in me loves him. I love the way he goes about his business, the way he is a leader and a coach on the field, and most of all I love the way he’s willing to do whatever the team asks him to do to win.
This was never more evident than when he made a clutch catch in a game against the Cleveland Browns last year, a diving reception that he made after injuring his back earlier in the play.
This kind of toughness, leadership, and propensity for making big catches at the biggest moments in games is what has defined Cotchery’s career in New York.
Basically, he was born with Patriots DNA. Now all we have to do is get him in a New England uniform.
Just like they did with Danny Woodhead, the Patriots could strike gold by picking up a player that the Jets decided was expendable.
Cotchery first came onto my football radar on a Sunday afternoon early in the 2006 season.
I was stuck at a hotel in Naples, Florida. I had already missed the first game that year while I was away from New England, but on the second weekend of the season I was given the gift of the local station carrying the Patriots against the Jets. I couldn’t have been more excited, I was finally going to get to see my team play.
Then came one Jerricho Cotchery to ruin my world. He made big play after big play, finishing with 6 catches and 121 yards receiving, including a 71 yard touchdown catch where he seemed to run through the whole team twice over.
Ever since that day Cotchery has been the one player on the Jets that I would most have liked to see playing for the Patriots.
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