NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Should Sign Ex-Jet Wide Receiver Jerricho Cotchery

New England Patriots Should Sign Ex-Jet Jerricho Cotchery

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He’s always been the type of player who put the needs of the team before his own, but now that the Jets have shown him the door Cotchery will be motivated to prove that the Jets were wrong and he can still get the job done.
What better way for him to stick it to the Jets then to take his talents to New England and break the hearts of the New York fans like he’s been doing to Pats fans for years now?
Cotchery has said that he always envisioned himself finishing his career as a Jet, being a leader to the young players on the team.
Cotchery's ability to get extra yards after the catch will make him a good fit for the Patriots short passing gameHe won’t get a chance to be a team leader and mentor to the younger guys in New York, but he would be a needed addition to a Patriots locker room that has lost many of it’s veteran leaders in recent years.
Plus, like other Patriots pickups the last couple of weeks, Cotchery should come at a low risk cost. He had back surgery this off season, and is unlikely to get a lucrative long-term contract offer from a team.
The Patriots could pick him up for very little and if he doesn’t have anything left in the tank, he won’t hurt the team in the long run.
But his upside can be really good.
Cotchery’s skill set would fit seamlessly into the Patriots’ offensive system. He can make the tough catches over the middle, runs clean precise routes, and has made a living at getting those all important extra yards after the catch.
New England has been given a great opportunity to pick up a good, solid veteran player who can help the team win games.
The fact that he’s an ex-Jet would just make it all the better.
New England fans have spent too long cursing the name of Jerricho Cotchery every time he makes a big catch against the Patriots, instead now they have the chance to cheer for him when he makes a big catch for them.
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