NFL Storylines: NFC East

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The NFL's popularity is at an all-time high, and this coming season seems as intriguing as ever. Time to feed the beast and take a division-by-division look at the five biggest questions facing each team in the league. Here's the NFC East.
Dallas Cowboys
A big contract, and a bigger challenge—can Tony Romo win in Dallas? Jerry Jones challenged his franchise QB to put in ‘Peyton Manning time’ when it comes to his preparation. Can Romo deliver?
The D is for Drama. Head coach Jason Garrett has seen the duty of calling plays on offense taken away from him and given to Bill Callahan. How will this one play out?
Can DeMarco Murray stay healthy and be a dominant running back?
Will Dez Bryant continue his trajectory towards being one of the best wideouts in the NFL?
It’s said that DeMarcus Ware will get to rush the passer more this season under the new defensive scheme. How good can he be?
New York Giants
Will Eli Manning bounce back from a disappointing 2012 campaign?

Victor Cruz held out right until training camp, landed a long-term contract, then wasted no time in voicing some dissatisfaction regarding terms of the agreement. Can he produce on the field regardless of his issues with the front office?
Will David Wilson become a stud at running back? The opportunity to grab the starting job over Andre Brown is right in front of him.
The Giants aging defensive line is one of the biggest reasons they did not raech the playoffs last season. They spent their 2nd and 3rd round picks on DT Jonathan Hankins and DE Damontre Moore. Will we see another dominant d-line begin to emerge in New York?
Can Hakeem Nicks stay healthy? When he’s not on the field it becomes much easier for opposing DB’s to set their sights on Victor Cruz, lining him up for big hits as the undersized receiver comes across the middle. The success of the G-Men’s passing game is very much dependent on a healthy Nicks.
Philadelphia Eagles
Will Chip Kelly’s high-tempo style-of-play, which will attempt to wring more plays out of the offense than even the New England Patriots, be successful in the NFL? If so, this could be as revolutionary to the game as the read-option QBs we saw emerge last season.
Who will start at QB? Vick will get the nod during the first preseason game, but Foles is still very much in the running.
Can LeSean McCoy bounce back from a disappointing 2012 season?
Will Matt Barkley, who was considered the #3 rated QB just behind Luck and RGIII last season, turn out to be a huge steal for the Eagles or did he fall in the draft for good reason?
One facet of Kelly’s offense is that it lines it’s playmakers up all over the field. How dangerous will DeSean Jackson be in this offense?
Washington Redskins
RGIII’s Knee. Enough said.
Can Pierre Garçon stay healthy for 16 games? RGIII was wildly more successful with him on the field.
Will Alfred Morris repeat the monster performance from last season, his rookie year?
Can Brian Orakpo, arguably their best player on defense, stay healthy?
Will Kirk Cousins see any meaningful playing time?

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