NFL Submits Proposal to begin HGH Testing
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NFL submits proposal to begin HGH testing

5/24/13 in NFL   |   BenSullivan   |   96 respect

Blog Photo - NFL Submits Proposal to begin HGH TestingAccording to an report, the league has submitted a proposal to the players union that includes HGH testing. The proposal, which has yet to be countered by the player's association, includes the HGH testing to being immediately.

The report, citing both league and union sources, claims the proposal was submitted to the union last month and a counter proposal can be expected as soon as next week.

The players have stood their ground on the issue of HGH testing since the 2011 lockout, but it's only a matter of time before the league will successfully gain access to testing for the performance enhancing drug. The reliability of the available testing methods has come under question, and many on the players' side claim that there would be too many false positives.

in the end, the players have bought themselves enough time, and probably have already moved on to some new drug that we don't even know about yet.

The time for testing seems near, but is it right?

The benefits and side effects of HGH have been debated for years now. While I'm no doctor (easily the understatement of the year so far by me), it seems like if we can give HGH to the elderly, we should be able to give it to world-class athletes, especially if it were under the controlled supervision of team doctors.

Human growth hormone has some real benefits, especially in the healing properties it affords older athletes. If, and it's a really big if, it can be used in a responsible way, why shouldn't these guys be allowed to use it? I mean, they already put they're bodies, not to mention their minds with all these concussions, on the line every time they put on pads. So why is using HGH under supervision so bad?

For me it seems like HGH has gotten lumped into the "performance enhancing drug" category alongside animal testosterone and all sorts of other weird, dangerous drugs.

What do you think? Should players be allowed to use HGH? Should the league be testing them?
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