NFL Sunday Ticket may be coming to YouTube
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Pinch me, I'm streaming: NFL Sunday Ticket might come to YouTube

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Blog Photo - NFL Sunday Ticket  may be coming to YouTube Huge news out of Silicon Valley today for those of us who get our NFL football from those low-rent, seedy piracy streaming web sites. Soon, NFL football might be broadcast on a different streaming site that's a little less seedy. Thanks to a meeting taking place today between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Google CEO Larry Page, up-for-grabs NFL Sunday Ticket package could be coming to the world's most popular video sharing site YouTube.

That would be phenomenally awesome -- but on the down side, would probably result in millions of abandoned DirecTV satellite dishes littering the roofs of homes all across America.

Tech blog AllThingsD has the scoop that top Google and NFL executives met today, and that selling NFL Sunday Ticket to YouTube was one of the items on the agenda. NFL Sunday Ticket currently belongs to DirecTV, but that contract expires after the 2014 season and the package is currently being shopped to other networks and media entities.

Blog Photo - NFL Sunday Ticket  may be coming to YouTube YouTube, of course, is owned by Google.

Right now, DirecTV pays a billion dollars a year for the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, and the satellite company is losing money n the deal. Meanwhile, Google CEO Larry Page sometimes spends a billion dollars just on lunch.

AllThingsD confirms that Sunday Ticket on YouTube was on the meeting's agenda. The Wall Street Journal got confirmation that the meeting did indeed take place today.

"Members of our office meet often with innovative leaders in Silicon Valley and around the world," the NFL told the Joournal. "We are constantly looking for ways to make our game better on the field, in the stadium and for fans. We are not commenting on any specifics of the meetings."

Keep in mind that there is no way that NFL Sunday Ticket would ever be free, even if it were on YouTube. But it might be cheaper than it is now, using that special Google magic of snooping targeted information about users and then showing them ads based on their interests. DirecTV cannot target advertising very well at all.

The NFL Sunday Ticket is still not the NFL's biggest TV moneymaker, not by a longshot. The CBS, FOX and NBC deals are where the NFL's broadcasting revenue really comes from, and those deals are set through 2022.

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