NFL Upsets Make The Possibility Of A College Playoff Even Better

NFL Proves College Playoff Won't Work? Huh?

1/22/09 in NCAAF   |   Michael_Luchies   |   17 respect

Brian Grummell recently published an article on Fanhouse entitled "The NFL Playoffs Demonstrate the Folly of a College Football Playoff".  This article included some of the most outlandish and off base arguments I have ever seen regarding the downside of a playoff format in college football.  Grummell's main argument is based on the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals NFC matchup and the fact that one of those teams, which are not "super-elite" would represent NFL in the Super Bowl.  Grummell even goes as far as criticizing the greatest sporting event in the United States of America. 

(regarding the Cardinals and Eagles)
"One of those teams was bound to be among the final two standing in the NFL's so-called championship. Yet people want this for college football? The BCS has all kinds of flaws that need to be worked on, but even the briefest examination of the NFL playoffs should point to why they aren't a legitimate solution for college football."

"NFL's so-called championship" would be the Super Bowl.  He also goes on to criticize the entire NFL playoff format; "The playoffs should in theory advance the most superior teams, but instead because they're played with just one game between teams, anything can and usually does happen. Instead of order and something that promotes superiority and the best possible championship, you get what amounts to a roll of the dice."

To Grummell:
So #1 should always beat #2, every "better team" would beat an inferior team in a playoff series (because there are absolutely no upsets in MLB playoff series or NBA playoff series), and upsets are bad for sports.  Have you ever heard of the phrase "that's why they play the games".  Should we go back to the MLB format where there are no playoffs and just the World Series?  And then when favorites start losing the World Series we should just crown the winner of the regular season and call it a year.  Do you even like sports?  Have you ever rooted for an underdog?  Do you even like excitement in your life?  You know what the NCAA basketball tournament is terrible because not all the top seeds win, right?  Nobody likes watching it, it's just a roll of the dice.  Let's just start flipping a coin to see who wins.

If anything, the NFL playoffs show why we should have playoffs in college football.  To see the underdogs in the NFL be able to pull off upsets against "superior" teams proves that these teams deserve to be in the playoffs and contend for a championship.  If a Utah can beat an Alabama, shouldn't they get a shot at the Championship, whether or not they were a favorite or underdog?  Without playoff formats like the NFL, NBA, and the NCAA tournament, we would never be able to witness the greatest stories in sports.  Just look at this years Arizona Cardinals, the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays,  2006 George Mason, or even the 2004 Wildcard Boston Red Sox.  A team has to be decent even to make the playoffs.  The NFL has a great playoff system that gives first round bye's to the best 2 teams in each league, and the rest is up for the teams to decide head to head.  So you'd rather have 6 good teams be thrown in a hat, two drawn out to play each other, and the winner takes all?  The BCS format is flawed much worse than any playoff format would be, even just a four team playoff. 

I would rather see Texas and Utah battle against 6 other teams in a playoff than to guess that they aren't as good as Florida and Oklahoma. 
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1/23/09   |   littleice2   |   31 respect

Well in Canada we do have a college football play-off and the teams are paired of in to two side and for those who don't have a brain by that I mean east vs. west. and it is 16 team play-off. So it does work if the NCAA were to use the right format. The wait is B.S. the Canadian Universities Football teams play one round on one sat. the round 2 the following sat. till there are only 2 who play for the National Championship

1/22/09   |   phillydeac4life   |   20 respect

 This is why there will never be a playoff in college football.  Two weeks after the National Championship Game people are still arguing over who should be #1, or should there be a playoff.  Does anyone talk about college basketball two weeks after the National Championship game, even one week?  

1/22/09   |   dumpsterdave6   |   1 respect

The difference between College Football and other sports is that in other sports the 'best " team doesn't necessarily win the championship. The point of pro sports is to win the championship, not be the best team. In NCAA football, they want to know who the "best" team is. They are asking a different question than the other sports. And yes, that is stupid.

1/22/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect


Yeah he's right. Lets get rid of March Madness while we're at it too. And the Super Bowl should be Tennessee vs New York cause they had the best records. And if (for example) Tennessee and Pittsburg had ended the season with identical records, we should have just devised a computer program to tell us who was the better team, and let that team go to the Super Bowl.

Everybody hates it when "anything can and usually does happen" --- yeah, uncertainty sucks. Really messes up my gambling.

Great points.  Awesome post.

1/22/09   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Grummel completely misses the point. No one REALLY cares who the best team is. We only pretend to care because it matters right now, since only 2 teams get a chance to play for the championship.

No one would mind if the 10th best team won a championship... as long as all of the "best" teams at least had a chance. That's all that matters.

1/22/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

Let the Church of Football say AMEN!