NFL Week 1 Game Recaps

From the Armchair: Week 1 Game Recaps

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Blog Photo - NFL Week 1 Game RecapsWelcome to our first installments of FanIQ's all new series, "From the Armchair"! This series is akin to a Monday Morning Quarterback or Armchair Quarterback, where we see a fan's perspective on their team's game that week. 

Each week, I will put together a summary blog that will include each article, so you can come in, find a team, click the link, and read thoughts on the game, written by fans like you!
  • Ravens @ Broncos - Broncos by The_Real_Stoney
  • Giants @ Cowboys - Cowboys by billywa
  • Packers @ 49ers - Packers by kantwistaye; Niners by Michael_G
  • Seahawks @ Panthers - Seahawks by yours truly
  • Falcons @ Saints - Falcons by kobe_lova and beaneaters; Saints by Sharp_Square
  • Bengals @ Bears - Bears by Nick_
  • Buccaneers @ Jets - Bucs by Smokesfan, Jets by GFortier
  • Patriots @ Bills - Patriots by ironhead_mike
  • Chiefs @ Jaguars - Chiefs by Dan_B
  • Texans @ Chargers - Texans by ms_hippie_queen; Chargers by Rogs
  • Cardinals @ Rams - Cardinals by Kenne; Rams by Scott
  • Eagles @ Redskins - Redskins by Jenx63; Eagles by Ryan & Phillygenius82 (Ben)
  • Raiders @ Colts - Raiders by Cali_Kat
  • Dolphins @ Browns - Dolphins by ohwell_
I will continue to update this blog as more From the Armchair articles start pouring in. Enjoy!
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