NFL Week 3 Recap

NFL Week 3: Quick Reactions To A Wild Weekend of Football

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September 23, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) reaches for a first down against the New England Patriots at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE
The Ravens got a little revenge for last seasons playoff loss against the Patriots in a wild week 3 win.


Ravens (2-1) defeat (1-2) Patriots 31-30: This game felt like a heavyweight fight in every sense. The Raven’s D was fantastic as always, but this time they finally got a little help from Joe Flacco and the offense. The Ravens look scary, and once again the Pats look like all style and no substance-- expect them to win 12 or 13 games but falter in the playoffs.
Raiders (1-2) defeat (1-2) Steelers 34-31: Were the Raiders that good, or the Steelers that bad? It’s probably a little bit of both as the Raiders are not as bad as everyone thinks and the Steelers are just not serious contenders this year. There was a scary moment early in the fourth when Darrius Heyward-Bey got rocked by a helmet to helmet hit in the end zone. I don’t want to pin the blame on the replacement refs, because hits like that happen all the time, but the refs simply do not have control over these games and players are allowed to run wild.
Texans (3-0) defeat (1-2) Broncos 31-25: No one is really talking about the Texans, but they could be the best team in the league. Houston looked fantastic on Sunday against the Broncos, but won’t face a real test until week 7 when they play the Ravens. Peyton Manning on the other hand looked slightly off. He continually missed easy throws and is just not ‘all the way back’ yet.
Falcons (3-0) defeat (2-1) Chargers 27-3: The Falcons looked great and the Chargers looked horrible-- typical stuff by both teams for a week three. The Falcons will look fantastic all season but will get eliminated early in the playoffs, and the Chargers will have a rollercoaster of a season and miss the playoffs entirely.
Cardinals (3-0) defeat (2-1) Eagles 27-6: It’s time to start taking the Cardinals seriously. Maybe not Super Bowl seriously, but win-the-division-make-some-noise-in-the-playoffs-seriously. The Cards are 10-2 dating back to last season and have looked great over the last 12 games. Their defense is underrated and Kevin Kolb is not making any mind numbing mistakes-- they crazy part is they could be 7-0 by the time they play San Francisco in week 8 (they play Miami, St. Louis, Minnesota and Buffalo).
Chiefs (1-2) defeat (0-3 ) Saints 27-24: If the Saints can’t beat the Chiefs at home, then who can they beat? I am not sure any one thought the loss of Sean Payton would have this type of impact on the team. The Saints play Greenbay and the Chargers next and, unless a miracle happens, will start the season 0-5.
Vikings (2-1) defeat (2-1) 49ers 24-13: This loss is not that shocking. The 49ers were not going undefeated and had to lose a game at some point. The shocking thing is how good the Vikings have looked over the last three weeks.
Jets (2-1) defeat (1-2) Dolphins 23-20: The Jets are 2-1 and winning, so that’s the only thing that matters, but they dodged a bullet on Sunday. If not for a Miami missed field goal in overtime they should be 1-2. Sanchez was horrible against the Dolphins, and I expect the Tebow drama to begin to escalate quickly-- how many bad games can Sanchez continue to have?
Cowboys (2-1) defeat (1-2) Buccaneers 16-10: The Cowboys are so confusing. Their defense looked great, but their offense looked flat. They got the win but probably should have done so more impressively-- I still don’t know what to make of this team.

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Saints are 0-3  and not the other way around