NFL Week Two Wrap up: Who's for Real and Who's Not

NFL Week Two Wrap Up: Who's for Real and Who's Not

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Thoughts on the World Outside of Sports: All right, this is going to be a section where I get to rant about something other than sports. If you don’t care what I have to say about the rest of the world, tough.

No, really, I’ll try to keep it short and fun.
This week I want to talk about two ads I saw over and over again this weekend while watching sports, both of which fall into the “let’s trash on men who watch too much sports” category.
The first is the McDonald’s commercial where the girlfriend asks her man what he thinks about some other random guy saying that Sundays are for watching football. He thinks about how she’ll kick him out of the house if he agrees, then decides the “smart” response is to call the football watching guy a “pig”. Check out the ad here.
That one I had seen plenty of times before, so I am only mildly confused by its message at this point, but I also saw a new one this weekend. It was on of those “you can surf the web and talk at the same time on an IPhone” ads. You may remember they already had one where a husband sheepishly tiptoed his way around telling his wife that he was working late on their anniversary and had forgotten to make dinner reservations.
In this one a new father gets a call from his buddy while taking care of his kid and deftly hides the fact that he didn’t watch that weekend’s game by looking up the highlights on his phone. Then his wife walks in, gives him a disapproving look for having the audacity to talk about sports around their impressionable young child, so the new father quickly hangs up the phone on his friend.
Now, I won’t even get into all the ramifications of the message that guys who care about sports are nothing but pigs and bad fathers, what I really don’t get is why these ads are being run on a Sunday during a football game!
Who are they targeting here? Anyone watching the ad is also watching football, on a Sunday no less! Do they think that all of the men, and women for that matter, who are spending their Sundays watching football are going to be impressed by the guy who has no backbone failing to tell his girlfriend that he actually has the ability to think for himself and have his own opinions?
I am thoroughly perplexed as to why these ads are running during these games. The only guess I have is that they figure there are enough men out there watching them who identify with these guys and will feel better about their situation if they see it being portrayed positively on the television, and therefore have positive feelings towards the products being advertised.
The Playoff Picture: This is a section that we’ll do every week from here on out. While records certainly matter, it’s not just a list of who’s leading in the standings, it’s a list of who’s most likely to make the playoffs after each week.
AFC:    1 seed – New England (2-0). Easily the most impressive team of the first two weeks.
            2 seed – Baltimore (1-1). Should have beat the Titans, but still one of the more complete teams in the league.
            3 seed – Houston (2-0). Good start for the Texans so far, but yet to be really challenged. We’ll see if they’re for real this week when they go into the Super Dome to take on the Saints.
            4 seed – San Diego (1-1). The best team in a mediocre division. They showed their flaws against New England this week, and will have trouble against good teams. They aren’t very deep, so a few key injuries (especially at wide receiver) could once again keep them under 10 wins.
            Wildcard – Pittsburgh (1-1). A good team with a tough schedule. They would take a lot of the other divisions in the league, but will still get the 10 or 11 wins it’ll take to get a spot in the tournament.
            Wildcard – NY Jets (2-0). The defense is too good to keep them from being below .500. Too bad to NY fans that the offense is too weak for them to be much better.
NFC:   1 seed – Green Bay (2-0). The offense is just too good. They showed against the Panthers that no lead will be safe against them, and that will keep them from notching too many in the loss column.
            2 seed – New Orleans (1-1). This may be the most impressive team in the league to me so far, if it wasn’t for the fact they already lost to the Packers they’d be in the number one slot.
            3 seed – Philadelphia (1-1). Tough call over Dallas here because if they lose Vick for any significant amount of time their season is over. Until we know that’s the case, I’ll stay with them.
            4 seed – San Francisco(1-1). Because someone has to win the NFC West.
            Wildcard – Atlanta (1-1). Still not top tier material, but when you can run the ball like they can you’ll be in line to win plenty of games.
            Wildcard – Chicago Bears (1-1). Again a tough call because the Lions look so good, but if I have to choose I’ll take the veteran team over the young one, until Detroit proves they're for real at least. 
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