NFL Will Keep Pro Bowl In 2013

The Pro Bowl Lives On

5/30/12 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

The NFL announced that the Pro Bowl will, in fact, happen in the upcoming NFL season, despite rumors that they would do away with it. Though many people dislike the Pro Bowl, it still managed the highest ratings of any sports program the weekend it last aired. However, the ratings had dropped 8.1 percent since the previous Pro Bowl, and it seems that fans interest in the event is diminishing,

As for me, am I glad it's back? I guess so. Would I have cared if it didn't come back? Nope. It's not football. Fans love football for the speed, power, and brutality of the game. The Pro Bowl is like a slow motion game of two hand touch. I guess it gets sort of exciting at the end if it's close, but no one cares who wins, so why should I? There's no running the ball, no big hits (since Sean Taylor passed away), no pass rush, no intensity, no nothing. Just not football. I mean of course I'm gonna keep watching it. I have a weird complex where I just have to watch whatever sports are on TV. But I don't really enjoy it much and just have to hope someone makes a sick catch or something.

The NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth said that the players believe the Pro Bowl is an important tradition. Well he never made a Pro Bowl so don't listen to him. If they believe it's so important then why do they just show up in their Pro Bowl jerseys and prance around the field for a couple of hours? I think that down the stretch players end up wanting to win, it's just their competitive nature, but I don't think they care much if they play the game. They just like having "2x Pro Bowler" or whatever on their resume when their careers are over.

Put in some real NFL rules and we'll talk. These guys are giant professional athletes in their primes that are in better shape than 99 percent of the world, I think they can handle one more game of real football. I'm sure it would be an unwritten rule that you don't go completely all out, no jacking up a QB from his blindside and stuff like that. So just make it happen, Goodell; even though I know you're the last person in the world who wants another week of hitting.
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5/31/12   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

of course it lives on...Ain't no money in canceling it