NFL considering one referee and use of videos

How bad are NFL replacement refs? The NFL might go with one-man officiating crews

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Aug 5, 2012; Canton, OH, USA; NFL replacement referee Craig Ochoa (73) during the second half of a preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals at Fawcett Stadium. Saints won 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIREIt's no secret that the replacement refs have been pretty awful thus far in preseason NFL games while the regulars are locked out amid fierce contract negotiations.

Just how bad have they been? Bad enough that the NFL is kicking around one of the most drastic moves in recent memory.

According to Pro Football Talk, the league is at least considering a plan that would include one-man officiating crews, with league officials making the calls from a video booth.

The single referee would spot the ball, walk off penalties, and make the necessary announcements.

The bulk of the actual officiating, however, would be done by league officials monitoring the game on television sets.

This might not be the best idea in the world, but who's to say it won't actually work out better than normal? There's certainly a solid chance that it will be better than replacement refs, who have been simply atrocious.

One of the obvious problems: the cameramen aren't referees. In a game, a referee can move where he needs to, in order to make the call. If the cameras aren't in the exact right spot, calls might be missed.

Also, there might be a slight delay getting calls down to the field.

That having been said, I think this would be considerably better than the replacement refs, even if the uber-technological side of it makes me a bit nervous.

What do you think of this idea?
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8/22/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

I work at an elementary school and I can take a group of Kindergarten students and let them ref the NFL games. THAT would be a better idea than a one man referee crew.

8/21/12   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

Worst.... Idea...... EVER!!!  Roger, please get your head out of your a$$ and pay the refs....