NFL fines Ravensí Bernard Pollard $15,250 for hit

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Bernard Pollard had been the most vocal advocate of fining New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after his slide kick on Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed. The NFL took care of matters by fining Tom Brady $10,500 earlier this week. But in a surprise twist of events, the NFL found a issues with a play in the AFC Championship Game in which Baltimore Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard was fined for a hit on New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker.
Although unlike Tom Brady, Bernard Pollard was flagged on the hit during the game, the NFL still fined Pollard due to the increased significance of a helmet-to-helmet hit on Wes Welker. Additionally, Bernard Pollard was penalized significantly more after the NFL fined him $15,250 for the hit.
Despite Bernard Pollard’s vicious hit in the third quarter of last week’s lost, Wes Welker managed to cling onto the 24-yard pass by Tom Brady. The New England Patriots were awarded a 15-yard penalty after hit, as they gained a total 39 yards, edging closer to the Baltimore Ravens’ 36-yard line.
Although the New England Patriots made most of the moment, leading the Baltimore Ravens with 13-7 in the third quarter, they failed to keep up the momentum as the Ravens stuck with a late comeback. The Baltimore Ravens defense stopped the New England Patriots from posting another first down, as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick called the punt from Ravens’ 34-yard line. On the following possession, the Baltimore Ravens made a run down field to score a touchdown and set up a lead that lived out the entire game. The New England Patriots ended up losing the AFC Championship 28-18 to the Baltimore Ravens.
The fine took out 32 percent of Bernard Pollard’s earning from the $40,000 AFC Championship pay check. But Bernard Pollard can count his blessings that at least the penalty on the hit didn’t cost the Baltimore Ravens the AFC Championship title or a shot at the Super Bowl.
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"Philadelphia Eagles ended up losing the AFC Championship 28-18 to the Baltimore Ravens". Serious??? When/where was this game played? Wes plays for the Pats, and (unfortunately) the Pats actually only score 13 points. Punk Pollard should receive additional fines for his H2H hit on Ridely ( a play that should've awarded the Pats another 15 yards on penalty). Personally, that H2H hit on Ridely was the turning point in this year's AFC game between the Patriots & Cravens ... NOT the P Eagles.