NFL players are Role Models

Tim Tebow- Role model to Kids and Adults

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Tim Tebow- Role Model to Kids and Adults
     In my first blog, I wrote that there are outstanding young men in the NFL that are making a difference. Yet, we don’t usually hear about what these difference makers are doing off the field. The first player I will highlight is not currently playing in the NFL, though he should be. Haters, please take your negativity elsewhere.  
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Through Tim Tebow’s foundation, Tim is helping to make a difference in the lives of children here in the United States and abroad. Unfortunately, we hear more about his “flawed” throwing motion than we do about the kid’s lives that he’s changing by investing his resources. By the way, he threw the ball just fine in the hardest conference in the NCAA. There are five different outreach programs though his foundation: Orphan Care, Team Tebow, Tebow CURE Hospital, Timmy’s Playroom, and the W15H program. You can find out more about each of these on the foundations website
     My favorite of these programs is Team Tebow. It encourages people to serve others in their own backyards, and beyond. It’s all about what we can do to make a difference. I have met some of the most incredible people through this group. We laugh, pray, encourage, and love one another. Being a member of Team Tebow afforded me the opportunity to volunteer for the Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Tournament at the TPC Sawgrass this past spring. Sometimes we have life changing moments in some very unlikely places. During that long day, I met many of the Team Tebow members. I believe these people will be lifelong friends. I would even call them family. I also had the opportunity to met and observe Tim first hand. Yes, I followed his group the entire day. I was working, not stalking. I know that many people wonder if he’s for real, or is it all an act. Not only is he real, but so is his family. I have never met such genuine people. There were two things that happened that day I will never forget. Meeting Tim wasn’t even in the top two (Sorry Tim). Kristy Lee Cook lost a bet to Tim, and she had to sing Amazing Grace standing out on the green. I still get chill bumps thinking about the overwhelming presence of God on that golf course. I saw tears on many faces when she finished singing.
     The second life changing moment was meeting a nice young lady who was seeking to speak to Tim’s mom, Pam. I tried to connect the two for several holes. I had rolled my ankle earlier, and was having a hard time running around. They finally met a few holes later when she was able to get Tim’s attention. This young lady was already being counseled by a church I believe the Tebow’s are involved. She began speaking about her struggles to go against her parents and their religion. As she spoke, time stood still. No one said a word. We were all captivated by her struggles, and yet, she was determined to live the life God wanted her to, regardless of the cost. I had now cried for a second time at a golf tournament. Had I not felt love from everyone there, I might have been embarrassed. I saw a love from the Tebow family for this young lady. It was real.
     I watched Tim interact with many children that day. At most holes, he had to be pulled away from the crowds. No, they weren’t overwhelming him; he just wanted to give every child some attention. That had to have been the longest game of golf ever! Is Tim Tebow a role model? Yes. Are all football players role models? Yes. Most do not realize the impact they have to change the life of their young fans. There are those do not take it seriously. Some do not even care. To them I say, wake up! All of us have the power to not only make a difference in our communities, but in the world. Sometimes, all someone needs to just to have someone listen to them and show a little love. Tim does that, and then some. So now I must ask. Whose jersey are your kids wearing? Who are your kids looking up to? Maybe a better question is….who’s your role model?
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