NFL to investigate Tom Brady's kick-slide

NFL to investigate Tom Brady's kick-slide to Ed Reed's nether regions

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Blog Photo - NFL to investigate Tom Brady's kick-slide It was noted as a dirty-looking cheap shot by every NFL fan in America -- except of course Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, calling the game for CBS. With 19 seconds left in the first half of Sunday's Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship Game, Tom Brady scrambled and executed a hook slide to avoid  a hit from Ravens safety Ed Reed. And by "hook slide", I mean "slide including a vicious kick toward Reed's bojangles."

Now the NFL is investigating the incident, and the Golden Boy's kick to the jewels may result in a fine or league discipline.

CBS Sports has learned that the NFL is investigating Tom Brady's kick slide , and may fine the quarterback for his Nikes-to-the-nads maneuver on Reed. According to Yahoo! Sports, Brady would be fined $7,875 if found guilty of a first-time offense of illegal kicking.

Take a look at video of the incident below. It sure does not look like Brady was "avoiding the sack", if you catch my drift.

Ed Reed says that Brady did call him to apologize after the game. "We talked actually not too long ago, we talked on the phone," Reed told WJZ-FM in Baltimore. "He actually reached out to me, texted me. I tried to text him back, but the message exploded after 12 seconds, so I had to call him ... and he's just apologized and what not. But I told him, 'You know, it's good, man'."

It seemed curious how little attention the CBS announcers paid to what appeared to be a pretty dirty hit. The Ravens players complained to the officials immediately, and Ravens coach John Harbaugh threw a sideline fit that would have made his brother Jim proud. The CBS announcers, though, saw nothing bothersome -- in fact, they worried that Brady could have gotten injured.

"Tom Brady put that leg up there to protect himself," said Phil Simms on the live broadcast (I took the liberty of adding some bold font for ironic emphasis). "You've got to be careful there. That's where you'll get hurt by extending that leg." No concern for Reed's seeds whatsoever.

Personally, I thought the slide looked awfully dirty. But I've seen Tom Brady slides that looked even worse.
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