NFL week 16 and beyond

Random thoughts on week 16 in the NFL and a look ahead

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TBlog Photo - NFL week 16 and beyondhe Kansas City Chiefs produced 507 yards of total offense--AND LOST! They rushed for 352 yards on 8 yards per carry. The most mind blowing thing is they allowed Brady Quinn to beat them. I had tons of fantasy implications Sunday and followed most games closely. Jamaal Charles owed me after laying an egg against the Raiders last week, and did he ever deliver. I was giddy like a kid at Christmas as he just went nuts. 86 yard TD run to start the 3rd quarter. It seemed like most carries in the 2nd half went for double digits. Even backup Payton Hillis was gashing the Colts defense.

Often times I watch games and get why coaches lose jobs. It seems that when something is working, coaches feel the need to get creative and show us how smart they are. Often times it backfires. On 2 separate occasions Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll decided that he wanted to go against what was working. After multiple big gains on the ground, Quinn dropped back and got picked in the endzone. I was screaming, not just because I wanted more points from Charles, but because logic should dictate--KEEP RUNNING THE FOOTBALL UNTIL THEY STOP IT.

Later in the game, the Chiefs had a 4th and 1. You give the ball to Charles--right? Ok, I could even live with the bigger Hillis plunging his way for the first down. What does Daboll do? Quinn attempts a QB sneak and gets stuffed. I almost fell off the couch. Romeo Crennel should've went over and decked Daboll. Not sure how much of a clue anyone has in that organization. 8 yards per carry and they allowed Quinn to throw the football 22 times. MINDLESS!!!!!!

Blog Photo - NFL week 16 and beyondI still can't believe the Texans just no showed at home against the Vikings. The Vikings are NOT a good defensive team by any stretch. I just can't fathom how the Texans totaled 187 yards of offense. I know Foster left the game with an irregular heartbeat, but it wasn't like he was doing anything either. The Texans didn't score a TD for a first time since 2006. They were even booed by the home crowd. Is it fair to say the jury is still out on whether or not Matt Schaub is a big time quarterback that can lead the Texans deep into the postseason?

As a Bears fan I'm sick by the fact the Vikings may make the playoffs and the Bears could be home watching. The worst part and most ironic is the Bears will not only need to win at Detroit next week, but will need the hated Packers to win at Minnesota. Now the good news for Bears' fans is, thanks to the Seahawks blowout win over the 49ers, the Packers will be playing for the #2 seed and a first round bye.

I even love the fact that the Bears and Lions play at 1 and the Packers and Vikings play at 4:25. The Bears will only have to worry about winning instead of scoreboard watching. Every fan wants to at least make the playoffs and have a shot. However, realistically, should the Bears sneak in, they are looking at a road game in San Francisco; unless the 49ers choke against the worst offense in football--Arizona. If that happens and Seattle wins, the Bears will be visiting the 12th man. Can't like either chance unless the Bears' D throws a shutout.

And should the Bears win and still miss the postseason, look no further than 2-6 against playoff teams. The Bears only beat the Colts and Vikings, but lost to the Packers twice, 49ers, Seahawks, Texans and Vikings. It's a tough pill to swallow missing the playoffs with a 10-6 record. However, the offense just didn't deliver when it was called upon in big spots. Aside from the 4th quarter and overtime collapse, and the 49ers game, the Bears D was nothing short of great this year. With all the age on this team, it is remarkable they are ranked 5th in the NFL.

It is time for the Bears to bring in a big name to call the plays for Cutler and the offense. Norv Turner has stated he wouldn't mind going back to being an offensive coordinator. Hopefully the Bears entertain that option. Mike Tice just has no clue.

I would've been nauseous if the Cowboys won in overtime. Late in the 4th quarter the Saints had the ball with a chance to end the game without Romo getting back on the field. They only needed one first down. It's no secret how bad the Saints defense is. Hell, they have no incentive to play hard anymore--no more bounty money... I kid... not really.  So instead of putting the ball in the hands of Brees, they run on first and second down. So now on 3rd and 10 they let Brees throw and he completed a pass just short of the first down.

With a minute and a half left in the 4th quarter, did anyone on this planet not think Romo was going to lead the Cowboys down the field for the game-tying TD? Yes, he did convert on 4th and 10 to do so, but you just knew the Saints were giving up that score. The Saints had nothing to play for, I can't believe they ran the ball once with a chance to ice the game. More shaky play calling and scared coaching.

Are Jets fans disappointed the Mayans were wrong?

Blog Photo - NFL week 16 and beyondCongrats to the Bun, I mean Bengals. Nice job on the road securing a playoff berth against the Steelers, who were eliminated from playoff contention. First time in 30 years the Bengals have made the playoffs in back-to-back years. Marvin Lewis, who some thought had pictures of someone in the front office to keep his job all these years, has proven that with the right players he can get the job done. Good story there.

I love hearing Giants' fans complain about their second half schedule. Stop crying and know that next year you won't have to worry about it, because you are likely to have a second or third place schedule. Just be thankful the Cowboys let you back into the playoffs last year. What an awful defense. Ravens rushed for 230 yards.

I'm sure Tom Brady will be thrilled if the Giants don't get in; now he has a chance to win again.

Hey Cowboys fans--How about dem Redskins? Good luck trying to stop him. Thanksgiving day was a nightmare. I feel you may relive it.

By the way, I did win my fantasy championship game. I have now won baseball and football in the same year. My basketball team will be in first place Monday morning.
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