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Thought your Fantasy Season was over? It's not! 

NFL Playoff Challenge gives those who's fantasy season ended prematurely an opportunity to compete for a chance to go to Super Bowl XLVIII and redeem their regular season ineptitude. Make those who ruled you this season look up in the standings this postseason when you beat them in Playoff Challenge. 

Blog Photo - Fantasy Playoff ChallengeThere is no draft. Nothing keeping you from playing because Fantasy Football is a part of every football fan's life, whether they played this season or not. Choose from all available players in each round to form the top fantasy lineup each week while your friends try to compete with you (even though we all know they can't). 

This weekend's Wild Card matchups give a lot think about - especially with Adrian Peterson showing off over the last half of the season, but he's playing the Packers in Lambeau, which might affect whether or not you start him this upcoming week. 

If you thought you didn't have a chance at redemption, nows your chance. I can almost guarantee that my lineup will trump those anyone creates - submit your results each week to this thread and you'll see how bad my team beats yours! and signup your team now. 
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1/3/13   |   stephenfbosen

Very truly said "Fantasy Football is a part of every football fan's life".  Adrian Peterson plays very well.
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