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The NFL's new concussion strategy: Look over there!

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Blog Photo - post story on concussions in baseballEven with the recent lawsuit settlement, the concussion issue in football is not going to go away anytime soon. There is still much more to learn about the impact of head injuries and how to what extent they can be prevented while playing football. The NFL, however, would probably want the whole thing to go away. To their credit, they've made some necessary reforms in the name of safety, even if it results in a few borderline personal foul calls. On the other hand, there's a long history of the NFL ignoring concussions, and while they can't get away with that now, they apparently have a new tactic to avoid scrunity: diversion.

Yesterday, a piece was published on entitled "Concussion issue continues to grow in Major League Baseball." The piece notes what appears to be an increase in concussion suffered by catchers (or at least an increase in reporting of concussions). It also uses the quote of one player to insinuate that baseball has a "concussion culture" of hiding the injuries.

Now, obviously concussions suffered by catchers, who have by far the greatest risk of them over anyone else on the diamond, is something that MLB should be looking into. However, there's one big difference between baseball and football. In baseball, if a player suffers a concussion, it was likely an accident, even if it was a catcher. Baseball does not inherently involve contact to the head. Football, on the other hand, is all about contact. Blows to the upper body and head are inevitable no matter what rule changes are made.

That inevitability is what the NFL, and all of football, is going to have to deal with at some point. By essentially going "hey everyone, look over there!" it shows that the NFL isn't at that point yet, and would still rather deflect and obfuscate as much as possible.
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