NFLís brutality makes it harder to single out fake injuries that slow down fast offenses

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOn Sunday safety Rashad Johnson for Arizona Cardinals suffered a grotesque injury when he pulled off his left hand glove and found his middle finger tip severed from his hand inside the glove. Doctors were unable to sew back his fingertip so they used his skin to cover the wound in hopes of staving off infection while he was in the game.
Even so, few people in the Superdome would have spotted the injury and believed that he had some nasty injury as he walked off the field hurt. This gives rise to the age old question: how can a fan look at a player and boo him for faking being injured when all is unknown?
Fans at the Lincoln Financial Field booed their disapprovals on a few Kansas City Chiefs defensives on Thursday when they injured their legs and had to get medical attention. They thought these were just pretended injuries aimed to disable the fast offense introduced by the new offensive coach for Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly. Or so they thought.
They booed their hearts out at Brandon Flowers who entered the game while suffering from a knee injury and repeatedly went down due to his injury until the medical staff escorted him off the field. The fans ought to know that Flowers is now suffering from inflammation in the knee.
When Chip Kelly was contacted to comment whether the Chiefs deliberately pretended injuries,
he said “Never, ever going to get into that. We need to execute better and not turn the ball over. That's the least of my worries right now."
Football is definitely not a game where pain can be judged as players over 250 pounds collide with one another at full speeds and execute brutal tackles. Any coach can comprehend that even though a few might be in on their act, most are not faking it.
The fan favorite too boo was Sean Smith, who came just next to Flowers. He collapsed multiple times on the field until he went out. Later, the stadium press box mistakenly described his injury as “cramping” and laughter ensued. Later, he showed media a bandage which covered an IV tube inserted to counter dehydration. It is a common problem as sport of this extreme takes its toll on body and most players are not fully conditioned to immediately last an entire game.
Football is a brutal sport which is punishing on a sportsman body. It pushes their bodies to the limit and is bound to give its share of injuries. Nothing is more unforgiving than judging a contact sport player and labeling his pain to be a lie. 
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