NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has faith in the new offer to the union

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Blog Photo - NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has faith in the new offer to the union
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman believes the league has taken a “significant” step forward by presenting a counter-proposal in the latest round of collective bargaining. In a news conference on Tuesday, Gary Bettman explained that the counter-proposal was a huge improvement in respect to the previous offer.
The new offer will bring the NHL Players’ Association back to the table. Gary Bettman remained distant from revealing the details of the new offer, but he did have a lot of faith in it.
“We believe that we made a significant, meaningful step,” Gary Bettman said.
Meanwhile, the NHLPA has already reviewed the new offer and have expressed the need for a meeting. NHLPA’s executive director Donald Fehr stepped forward with a press release soon after the new offer was made public.
Donald Fehr has requested both parties to meet as soon as possible. According to some theories, the union and the league will be meeting later on Wednesday.
“It's a proposal that we intend to respond to,” Donald Fehr said. “I'll leave it at that.”
The league’s current collective agreement is set to expire on September 15. In case a new deal hasn’t been signed before the expiration date, players will not be able to play in the league.
So far, players and owners are haven’t been able to agree upon a single major aspect of the deal. Gary Bettman believes that the straightforwardness of new counter-proposal will bring the players back to the table.
“I'm trying to get us on to the same page, I'm trying to get us on to a common language,” Gary Bettman said.
The new offer was revealed in a private meeting with Donald Fehr and his assistant Steve Fehr. The league’s side was represented by Garry Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly. The meeting last only 45 minutes as Donald Fehr demanded time to review the new offer.
Donald Fehr and Steve Fehr arrived at the NHL head office with players Mathieu Darche, Ron Hainsey and Douglas Murray around four hours later to discuss the specifics of the offer.
The union is refraining from showing their thoughts on the new offer. Nonetheless, the meeting on Wednesday should reveal their stance.
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