NHL Friday Night Live Thread

Hockey to start off the weekend? Why not! [NHL Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - NHL Friday Night Live ThreadI'm baaack!  So yesterday was nuts for me, and I wasn't able to even take five minutes to make picks for the games, even though in my mind it was a piece of cake.  Good thing I didn't take the time, as I think I would have only gotten two right!  

Tonight starts the weekend, and while I will be at work on the night shift, I should be able to check my NHL App to see how I'm doing with my picks.  Bryan and Jess have their thoughts on the games as well, so let's get to it!

7:00 pm
New York Islanders (3-3-3) at Pittsburgh Penguins (7-2-0)


Jess: I don't see how I could pick anybody but the Pens in this scenario.

Bryan:  The Pens have had 3 days off to regroup from getting shutout by the Avs on home ice.  That won't happen again, you know who I'm picking.

Debi:  Although the Isles beat the Coyotes earlier in this short season, that is the only highlight so far. They simply have not been able to capitalize on the good.  I don't see them getting it together enough to give Pittsburgh much of a challenge.

Toronto Maple Leafs (7-3-0) at Columbus Blue Jackets (4-5-0)

Jess: I'm picking the upset at home.

Bryan:  I'm going to take Toronto in this one, Columbus just isn't looking as hot as I thought they would.

Debi:  I'm not really a Toronto fan, but one of my co-workers is, and I enjoy talking hockey with her, so I've been watching them more carefully.  On the other hand, I usually cheer for the Blue Jackets, although I don't really know why.  That being said, I do think Toronto has this one.

7:30 pm
Anaheim Ducks (7-3-0) at Ottawa Senators (4-3-2)


Jess: The Ducks kicked Ottawa's butt when the Sens were in Anaheim earlier this month, and if they're going to win this one, they're going to have to fight a lot harder than they have been so far on this road swing. As per usual, I'm not making a pick, but I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my Ducks this time around.

Bryan:   Time for the Ducks to salvage a game on the Eastern Canada swing.  They pull out a win tonight.

Debi: The Ducks just haven't been playing as well on the road as I expected.  The Sens, on the other hand, seem to have improved with every game they have played.  Although I really want to pick the Ducks, I have to go with Ottawa tonight, sorry Jess!

Buffalo Sabres (1-9-1) at Florida Panthers (3-6-1)

Jess: Yeesh. Uhm. Panthers.

Bryan:   HAHAHAHA...woof!  Umm, I'm laughing too hard at this game to even pick a winner, I'd much rather sit back and just watch the comedy or errors unfold.

Debi: Well, this is perhaps a battle of the basement.  Neither team has been able to accomplish much in the way of wins this year as both teams are dealing with goaltending issues.  For me, this is a toss up, but I will go with the Panthers.

Blog Photo - NHL Friday Night Live Thread8:00 pm 
Vancouver Canucks (7-4-1) at St. Louis Blues (5-1-1)

Jess: Blues on home ice.

Bryan:  Vancouver got a hard fought win last night in Newark, tonight I don't think they'll be quite so lucky.  Blues win.

Debi: Well we all know there is no way in hell I will ever pick the Canucks, but this time it is that middle number that makes me believe I don't have to justify my choice.  The Blues only have one loss, and I don't think they will add to that tonight.  Tortorello is praising Luongo to the moon and back, and I will too!! (I've realized sarcasm just doesn't read well, so I'll say here and now that any positive comments about the Canucks or their coach are never really positve)  The only thing that might affect the Blues is the rest they have had.  Still say the Blues have it.

9:00 pm
Carolina Hurricanes (4-3-3) at Colorado Avalanche (8-1-0)


Jess: Pretty sure the Avs will win this game. I'll be watching, too.

Bryan:   I gotta go with the Avs here.  The Canes couldn't beat Minnesota last night, don't think they'll have much for Colorado tonight.

Debi: I might catch the end of this game, just maybe, and it is the one game I would really like to see.  Yes, the Avs are incredibly strong this season so far, but I'm not ready to relegate the 'Canes to basement status.  They are over 50% on the wins, and I look for them to improve more as the season progresses.  That being said, with Peters in goal, the Hurricane defence will have to step up, and do their job.  Against the Avalanche that might be difficult.  Avs it is.

Don't forget to make your game picks in the NHL Game Center, and if you happen to be watching hockey, join in with us!
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Wow..  I got this soooo wrong tonight.