NHL Monday Night [Live Game Thread]

After a Sunday full of football, how about a Monday full of hockey?

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Blog Photo - NHL Monday Night [Live Game Thread]Saturday is the night for hockey, but Sunday is all football. Monday shows us some of both, and we have a lot of games to watch tonight. Joining me once again are our much loved Community Manager, Jess, and sports afficionado, Kramer. Our picks don't always match, we have different favorite teams, and the teams we love to hate don't always jive either, but we have a lot of fun. So, with nine games on the schedule, let's get to it.

7:00 pm ET

Pittsburgh Penguins (15-9-0) at Boston Bruins (15-6-2)

Jess: This should be an exciting game! They're in Boston, so...sorry BK...I've gotta take the Bruins.

Debi: Sorry, Bry, I'm with Jess on this one.  It might go to a shoot out, but I think Boston takes this.

Columbus Blue Jackets (8-12-3) at Toronto Maple Leafs (14-8-1)

Jess: Leafs

Debi:  Leafs

Winnipeg Jets (10-11-4) at New Jersey Devils (9-9-5)

Jess: Brodeur seems to be back to early 90's form, doesn't he? Regardless, I think the Jets win this one tonight.

Debi:  I gotta go with the Jets.

7:30 pm ET

New York Rangers (12-11-0) at Tampa Bay Lightning (14-8-1)

Jess: I know the Lightning are better, but I can't not pick the Rangers (unless it's against the Ducks...or maybe the Avs.)

Debi:  I can pick the Bolts, and I am picking the Bolts, although (not so) secretly I am hoping for the Rangers.
Blog Photo - NHL Monday Night [Live Game Thread]
Philadelphia Flyers (11-10-2) at Florida Panthers (6-13-5)

Jess: Gross. Flyers.

Debi:  Oh, Philly.  

8:00 pm ET

Minnesota Wild (15-5-4) at St. Louis Blues (16-3-3)

Jess: Both decent teams, started out strong and still look solid. I give the Blues the slight edge though.

Debi:  This should be an excellent game.  The Wild have surprised me a couple of times this year and I think they will fight hard, but I have to give this one to the Blues at home.
Blog Photo - NHL Monday Night [Live Game Thread]
Phoenix Coyotes (14-5-4) at Nashville Predators (11-10-2)

Jess: Phoenix just keeps looking better and better. I'm not sure about Nashville, but the Coyotes seem to be on a tear. Gotta go with them.

Debi:  The game between the Avs and the Coyotes the other night was one of the best I've seen all year.  I just can't go against them.

9:30 pm ET

Chicago Blackhawks (16-4-4) at Edmonton Oilers (7-15-2)

Jess: Aww, those poor Oilers. They're at home though (not that it matters). Ya know what? As much as I enjoy watching the Blackhawks and think they're a pretty complete team, I'm going with the upset tonight just because.

Debi: Hahahahahahahaha do you have to ask?

10:00 pm ET

Los Angeles Kings (15-6-3) at Vancouver Canucks (12-9-4)

Jess: Our resident Kings fan extraordinaire's favorite matchup (or least favorite, depending on how you look at it.) I think the Kings have this game, even if it is north.

Debi:  Oh now we are really being hilarious.  

Now Jess is going to do her thing, which we love, and give us a video.  Yak it up here and enjoy the games.

Jess: It's Monday, and you all know what that means! Greatest hits anyone? Live vicariously through these rough & tumble players and expel some aggression...(vid courtesy of NHL.com)
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hclcdestin wrote:
Super Article! I see several teams off to super starts(Coyotes,Wild,,Blues,Avs,Bruins) thanx Debi L!
How's the weather up there? Brrr

We have actually had a wonderful Fall!! Yes, we had a week of -30 temps, but now we are just hovering below freezing at night, and right around freezing during the day.  I wish I was in Florida!!!

(And thanks for the kind words  smiley)

11/25/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Nice job by the Pens to force OT, but in the extra frame they looked like they weren't even trying.  That's their first loss in Boston in 4 years, and their first OT loss since the 2011-2012 season.

11/25/13   |   kteacher   |   34424 respect

He's a game time decision, but he's BACK..............off IR. 

11/25/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Sorry I never got the memo about sending the picks until after this was already published, here's my .02 for tonight...

Pens/Bruins: You know I'm at odds with you two and taking my Pens.
Jackets/Leafs: Clean sweep here, Leafs it is.
Jets/Devils: I'm taking the Jets here also.
Rangers/Lightning: Hmm, I'm thinking Lightning may be able to pull this one out.
Flyers/Panthers: I know Philly will prob win this, and they should, but I'm still picking the Panthers because of my Philly disdain.
Wild/Blues: Wow, this one should be exciting!  I'm going to take the Blues at home here.
Coyotes/Preds: I'll side with my sis here and take the Preds.
Hawks/Oilers:  LOL...Hawks win, that is all.
Kings/Canucks: This one should be pretty entertaining, going to go with the Kings here.

11/25/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I'll be watching on my phone.  Have to go get the daughter from work....

11/25/13   |   hclcdestin   |   9340 respect

Super Article! I see several teams off to super starts(Coyotes,Wild,,Blues,Avs,Bruins) thanx Debi L!
How's the weather up there? Brrr