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It's Final Four Weekend, but Don't Forget About Hockey! [NHL Live Thread]

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Goooood morning, FanIQ!  Welcome to our pregame show.  I'm BK, the thorn between your two roses, and I'm joined by my NASCAR partner in crime, Debi.  Jess is away for the weekend.  We have 11 games in all from Boston and Pittsburgh both playing early games to a night cap at the Shark Tank late tonight.  We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there, so let's not waste any time.  Ready Debi?  Let's get this party started.  You know what to do, we've got an 11 city tour and the Q Train is ready to go...ALL ABOARD!

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I'm gonna start off right here at home where the Pens try to make it 15.
Debi: Pens
BK:  I can't pick against this team.  Paul Martin is now out 6 weeks with an upper body injury, but Malkin is back and Iginla is in town.  They're gunning for their own record and I don't see the streak ending this afternoon, let's go PENS!

New York Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins: 1:00 PM ET - Root Pittsburgh, MSG+

At the same time for your viewing pleasure, we've got Philly and Boston in another early afternoon matinee.
Debi: Toss up for me, but I'll take the Bruins, I guess.
BK:  The Flyers are in desperation mode, they're dangerously close to falling into last place in the east behind Florida!  They'll play Boston rough and tough, but ultimately the B's are just too strong for them.  Bah-ston wins on the road.

Boston Bruins @ Philadelphia Flyers: 1:00 PM ET - NHL Network US, NESN, CSN Philadelphia

Next we have a couple hours to head westward for a pair of 3:00 starts.  First the Canes go north to Winnipeg...
Debi: I gotta take the Jets. 
BK:  Both teams have stumbled recently and allowed the Caps to creep back into the picture.  I think the Jets win this one, but it could go to OT.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Winnipeg Jets: 3:00 PM ET - FSN Carolina, TSN Jets

Next we're off to the Mile High City where the Avs host the Preds.
Debi: Ugh.  I picked the Preds against the Coyotes, thinking they would slam them, and the exact opposite happened.  This game I think will be very close, and honestly, I have no clue who will come out on top.  I guess I'll stick with the Preds and hope they don't blow it.
BK:  Pekka Rinne had probably his worst performance against Phoenix the other night.  That's going to annoy him for as good as he is.  The Avs are good at home, but Rinne will be shutting them down.  Predators win on the road.

Nashville Predators @ Colorado Avalanche: 3:00 PM ET - FSN Tennessee, Altitude

We have time to stop for a dinner break before a trio of 7:00 games, the first being the Leafs and Sens:
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Debi: Oh Em Gee.  I have to say, I think Toronto has every chance to win this, but I refuse to count out the Sens.  They have been plagued with injuries, but have still managed to steam along without some of the key players.  News this week is that some of those players might return for the playoffs, so there might be some new fire under the skates to get them there in a good position.  Gut feeling, Sens.
BK:  These two have both been impressive, and are most likely both going to make the playoffs.  I can see this one going to OT and possibly a shootout, just because of the Sens keeping it close every game.  Ultimately I think Toronto pulls off the impressive road win here.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators: 7:00 PM ET - CBC

Next we're headed back south of the border where two highly desperate teams meet, the Caps and Sabres.
Caps sweep the series with a win tonight
BK:  I'm very tempted to give this game tonight's "woof" distinction, but I won't.  This might actually turn out to be a good game.  I gotta give the nod to the Caps on the road here.  Buffalo is sad on home ice this year.
Washington Capitals @ Buffalo Sabres: 7:00 PM ET - CSN Washington, MSG Buffalo

Our last 7:00 game is my pick for game of the day, the Rangers and the Habs on NHL Network, and you bet the main showcase for Hockey Night in Canada!
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Debi: Habs gotta take this.  Rangers are just so ish right now, I can't pick them for anything.
BK:  This is tough.  Both teams want to show they mean business.  Lundqvist vs Price should be one hell of a battle between the pipes.  I think those two wwill prove to be the difference in the game.  I think once it's all over, les Habitants vont gagner ce soir.
New York Rangers @ Montreal Canadiens: 7:00 PM ET - CBC, RDS, NHL Network US, MSG

From the Bell Centre we have to hightail it quickly down ttithe Sunshine State for a game between the Devis and Panthers.
Debi: Gotta take the Devils
BK:  I really want to pick the Panthers to pull off the miraculous upset, but I think even without Kovalchuk the Devils can tame the Panthers.
New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers: 7:30 PM ET - MSG+, FSN Florida

Next we head back up north where the champs visit Backstrom and company in Minnesota.
Debi: Kings, although the Wild has surprised me a few times lately, I still say the Kings get this
BK:  The Wild play pretty damn well on home ice, but the Kings are gunning for the lead in the Pacific Division.  This should actually be a fun game.  I'm gonna take the Kings to pull off the road win, but this game will be a nail biter until the final horn.
Los Angeles Kings @ Minnesota Wild: 8:00 PM ET - FSN Wisconsin, FSN North, FSN West

Next it's off to Western Canada where the Oilers and Canucks square off...Debi, do I dare ask if you're even picking this game?
Debi: UGH.  JUST UGH.  Not picking this one, don't like either team, don't care who wins, hope they all fall on their asses
BK: I didn't think so.  I'm taking the Canucks, but if the Oilers win this I will laugh myself out of my chair!
Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers: 10:00 PM ET - CBC, RDS2

Finally we end the night at the Shark Tank as promised where the Sharks host the Coyotes.
Debi: Both teams found something recently.  The Coyotes slaughtered the Preds the other night.  Every time I turned around there was another puck in the net.  The Sharks beat Anaheim.  I just don't know with this one, but I think I need to take the Sharks.
BK: There's no way in living hell the Coyotes are going to score 5 goals in the first 10 minutes again.  Sharks win the night cap.
Phoenix Coyotes @ San Jose Sharks: 10:30 PM ET - FSN Arizona+, CSN California

This is your official live thread, and your place to talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching this afternoon and into the night.  Join the party!
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Debi_L wrote:
Are you laughed out of your chair yet, Bryan?  Edmonton scored their first goal 16 seconds into the first, and didn't stop scoring until they reached four.  They blanked the nuckleheads 4-0.

It was an awesome thing to behold and resulted in an extremely drunk kitchen manager who had to double-shot for each goal.  

I saw that score and it did make me laugh.  That was priceless!

3/31/13   |   Debi_L   |   11875 respect

Are you laughed out of your chair yet, Bryan?  Edmonton scored their first goal 16 seconds into the first, and didn't stop scoring until they reached four.  They blanked the nuckleheads 4-0.

It was an awesome thing to behold and resulted in an extremely drunk kitchen manager who had to double-shot for each goal.  

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Vokoun: Personal and team record for longest shutout streak by one goalie, also first goalie in Pens history to record back-to-back shutouts.

First team to go through an entire month without losing a game, a perfect month of March!

3/30/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

3 shutouts in a row and the streak is at 15!

3/30/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

"Neal looks shoots, SCOOOORES! ...Can I get a witness? James Neal give the Pens a 2-0 lead!"

Who else sprung him but Malkin!

3/30/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Matt Cooke finally gets the first goal of the game, 1-0 Pens in the 3rd period.

3/30/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Marc-Andre Fleury is Vokoun's backup and the Baby Pens goalie has been sent back to them.  Glad to know the Flower is a-ok!laugh