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Pennsylvania Rivalry Heats Up Our NHL Sunday! [Live NHL Thread]

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Just because there's a college basketball tournament doesn't mean the NHL takes a break - and since my team is out, I'm thankful for that! Of course, if the last game against Detroit for my Ducks was any indication of how things are going to go tonight, I may just want to continue watching Psych instead.

Today we have a game on NHL-CA and one on NBCSN; the latter being one that should be exciting for reasons you'll read below. Remember, all times are Eastern...

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Game: Panthers (9-17-6) @ Islanders (13-15-3)
Broadcast: NHLN-CA, FS-F, MSG PLUS
BK - The Isles aren't quite that good, but they're good enough to beat the only team in the league that still doesn't have double digit wins. 

Jess - Wow - poor Canada with their NHLN. Woof. Islanders, I guess.

Game: Capitals (14-16-1) @ Rangers (15-13-2)
Broadcast: CSN-DC, MSG
BK - The Caps are turning into Jekyll and Hyde here lately. That race for the last playoff spot in the East is tightening up big time! I'm gonna take the Rangers to win this one.

Jess - Ya know, I'm going with the Caps here. I have a soft spot for the Rangers, I love King Henrik, but seems to me Washington is "warm" right now...the Rangers, however, are not.

Game: Flyers (13-16-1) @ Penguins (24-8-0) 
Broadcast: RDS, NBCSN, ROOT
BK -  This one worries me. The streak is at 11 and the Flyers have owned the Pens in the short history of the Consol. I gotta keep the faith and can't pick against the Pens, especially against Philly. Please for the love of God put a nail in their coffin and make it a dozen!

Jess - I always love this matchup - it makes for a really fun game to watch. Pens are better, but you never know; Flyers always play tough against them. Hmmm...I'll take Pittsburgh for moral support.

Game: Lightning (13-17-1) @ Jets (16-14-2)
Broadcast: SUN, TSN-JETS
BK -  Come on, Winnipeg! I'm taking the Jets to get back on the winning track. The Lightning are just sad, an tired from that fierce comeback yesterday which came up short.

Jess - Jets.

Game: Canucks (16-9-6) @ Avalanche (11-15-4)
Broadcast: SNET-P, ALT
BK - Both teams played yesterday and had to travel, but being that the Avs are at home I'm taking them to beat up on the Canucks.

Jess - I think the Avs win here too.

Game: Blues (17-11-2) @ Flames (11-14-4)
Broadcast: FS-MW, SNET-W
BK -  The Blues got a shutout last night in Edmonton. The Flames had the night off and are the fresher team. For moral support I'm gonna take the Flames for the upset but I'm not convinced.

Jess - The Blues are ultimately the better team, but they're on a road swing and the Flames are at home, giving Calgary just a slight edge here. This one's difficult but I'm going with Debi's team too. Flames.

Game: Red Wings (15-11-5) @ Ducks (22-4-4)
Broadcast: FS-D, PRIME
BK -  I don't think the Wings are going to do that again. Ducks come out on top in this one.

Jess - I hope you're right. 

We see a lot of great goals, saves, hits, and the occasional fight but you know who doesn't get enough credit around here? The setup guys. Let's take a look at why they deserve just as much credit as the rest! 

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Tyler Kennedy with an OT game winner and the Pens win it 2-1, make it a dozen!

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3/24/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Rare feat, Isles get a double shot of empty-netters to close out a shutout.  Meanwhile across town the Caps blew the ol' 2-0 lead as the Rangers tie it up on a *gasp* power play goal!