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The Fall Classic and Football Are On, but So Is Hockey, 10 Games Worth! [NHL Live Thread]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land and welcome to the Q's NHL Pregame Show!  I'm Bryan, more affectionately known as BK, or your thorn between two roses.  Tonight my two co-hostesses with the mostesses see their teams play while I actually get to watch a full evening of games as an idle fan and enjoy.  Debi can't be with us tonight, but she is with us in spirit.  Jess and I will  be bringing you coverage tonight.  Without further adieu, you all know how this works by now.  Hop on the Q Train, we're about to embark on a 10-city tour across the US and Canada for some big games tonight...ALL ABOARD!

We begin in Beantown, where while the Sox are playing in the World Series over at Fenway, the Bruins host the Sharks at the Gah-den.
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Jess: Wow, two Boston teams playing at the same time on two nights in a row? Boston wins tonight, just because that seems to always be what happens lately.
BK: This is just the first of a ton of exciting games between two good teams tonight.  Can the Bruins hand Boston their first regulation loss?  Boston has given up only 12 goals so far, and the Sharks already have 40 goals scored, both marks are the best in the early NHL season.  Something's gotta give.  I say the Bruins shut down the Sharks.  This one is on NHL Network for your viewing pleasure!
San Jose Sharks @ Boston Bruins: 7:00 PM ET - NHL Network (US), NESN, CSN California

Next we're off to Newark, where the hapless Devils host the Canucks.
Jess: I keep picking the Devils, and like the Giants - they're not giving me anything to work with. Canucks.
BK: I know Debi is going to hate me, but I can't pick the upset here.  I'm sorry, Canucks win a laugher as the Devils continue to fall into the depths of despair.
Vancouver Canucks @ New Jersey Devils: 7:00 PM ET - SportsNet Vancouver, MSG+

From NJ we're headed down to Philly where two divisional rivals face off in a game where both are in desperate need of a win.
Jess: Uhm...I guess if the Rangers are going to do anything against anybody, it's going to be the Flyers, right? Poor NYR. I'm picking them anyway, but I'm not all that confident.
BK: What's the difference between the Flyers and a triangle?  A triangle has 3 points.  Woof...Rangers win.
New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers: 7:00 PM ET - MSG, CSN Philadelphia

Next it's off to Montreal where Les Habitants host Jess's Ducks.
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Jess: *sigh* The Ducks were ridiculous the other night, going up 2-0 only to fall 4-2. That better be an anomaly game or I'm losing all hope in Boudreau. 
BK: This will be another of tonight's marquis matchups!  The Ducks are looking to rebound from the loss to the Leafs the other night, while the Habs are trying to avoid going 2-4 on home ice to start the season.  I think the Ducks are going to pull out a win here, but this game could go down to the wire!
Anaheim Ducks @ Montreal Canadiens: 7:30 PM ET - RDS, Prime Ticket, TSN Habs

Next it's another "clash of the titans" as the Hawks invade Steven Stamkos's territory.
Jess: Blackhawks.
BK: Do we really have 3 "games of the night?"  I think we can.  I also see this one going down to the bitter end.  I'm going to take the Bolts to knock down the champs in this one, Tampa Bay wins it.
Chicago Blackhawks @ Tampa Bay Lightning: 7:30 PM ET - CSN Chicago, SUN

We're off to Music City USA next where the Preds host the Winnipeg Jets.
Jess: I'll be honest; I haven't actually seen either of these teams play, so I don't know what to expect. I guess Predators, just because.
BK: I have to go with the Preds here, no real analysis for me here.
Winnipeg Jets @ Nashville Predators: 8:00 PM ET - TSN Jets

The Twin Cities are our next stop where we're guaranteed to see a Wild Hurricane.
Jess: Minnesota's another team I keep picking that is doing nothing for me. Carolina it is.
BK: Minnesota has started off great at home, the Canes have started off pretty well on the road.  This is another case of something's gotta give.  I'll take the home team for the win here, Wild it is.
Carolina Hurricanes @ Minnesota Wild: 8:00 PM ET - Sports South, FSN North

Next it's down to Big D where Debi's Flames travel to meet the Stars.
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Jess: Flames! (Like I even have to say it...)
BK: Flames will take it, if nothing else I'm picking them for moral support for our co-hostess while she's unable to join us.
Calgary Flames @ Dallas Stars: 8:30 PM ET - SportsNet Calgary, FSN Southwest

Next it's off to Edmonton where the Oilers host the Caps.
Jess: I would be so frustrated if I was a Caps fan - so much talent, but nothing much going on for them. I think they have it tonight though.
BK: I keep saying once the Oilers figure out how to finish, they're going to win a lot of games.  I'm not sold on either team right now.  Eenie meenie miney...Oilers in my "upset" pick of the night.
Washington Capitals @ Edmonton Oilers: 9:30 PM ET - CSN Washington, SportsNet Edmonton

Our night cap takes us out to SoCal where the Kings host the Coyotes from the desert.
Jess: I know it's crazy for a Ducks fan to say this (sacrilege or something...I think we're supposed to hate each other?) but GO KINGS!
BK: Both teams are off to pretty decent starts.  I'll take the Kings to win this one on home ice to close out our fun-filled evening.
Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings: 10:30 PM ET - FSN Arizona, FSN West

As always, this is your place to come to talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching tonight.  Join the party and comment below...let's get this party started!
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So I picked Boston to give the Sharks their first regulation loss of the season.  A buzzer beater 0.8 away from OT isn't quite what I had in mind though.

Meanwhile Tampa Bay wins it in OT over the Hawks, and both goalies looked sloppy, especially Ben Bishop getting scored on by his own defenseman.