NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]

It's Thursday, so what could be more fun than hockey? [NHL Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]Tonight's round of hockey features a few games which could be labelled the "Game of the Night".  Only two teams remain undefeated, the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche.  Both teams play tonight, and those statistics could very well change.  Toronto, with only one loss so far, is also on the schedule.  In Florida, more is being said about the fact that the Panthers operation is openly advertising the broadcast of the ALCS game, featuring the Boston Red Sox, all while the live antics between the Boston Bruins and the Panthers are ongoing on the ice.  In reality, you get two sports for the price of one.  

The schedule, and the picks of my cohorts, follows.

7:00 pm ET

Vancouver Canucks (4-3-0) at Buffalo Sabres (1-6-1)

Jess: I'm going with the upset again here. Last time I picked the Sabres, that worked out pretty well for them so let's do this again.

Bryan: They finally won a game! Win number 2 won't happen for a while I believe. Vancouver wins it.

Debi:  I am not saying it.  I'm not.

Carolina Hurricanes (2-2-3) at Toronto Maple Leafs (6-1-0)

Jess: Watching the Hurricanes the other night, I wasn't all that impressed with the way the defense played. They don't quite look like they have it together for some reason. The Leafs, however, are red-hot. They get the win here, easily.

Bryan: This one might be tough, Toronto is off to a flying start. Carolina is good too, I'll take Toronto on home ice.

Debi:  Oh Toronto will get the win here, and keep my co-worker happy.

Edmonton Oilers (1-5-1) at New York Islanders (2-2-2)

Jess: Ew...uhm. Woof?

Bryan: The Oilers have the basis for a good team, they just need to find a way to start finishing games. I don't think that happens tonight even though I'd like them to win. Isles it is.

Debi:  I LOVE saying that the Oilers are gonna go down!

Pittsburgh Penguins (5-1-0) at Philadelphia Flyers (1-6-0)

Jess: This ought to be a fun game in Philly tonight. Penguins win.

Bryan: I don't think I need to say anything here.

Debi:  Ugh, pains me greatly, but I gotta go with Bryan's team.

7:30 pm ET

Columbus Blue Jackets (2-3-0) at Montreal Canadiens (4-2-0)

Jess: The Habs are are a strong team, and I'm not quite sure what's going on with the Blue Jackets. I know at any given moment upsets can happen, but I don't think it's tonight at Bell Centre.

Bryan: Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir !

Debi: My son's team, the Habs, will take the win here.

New Jersey Devils (0-3-3) at Ottawa Senators (2-2-2)

Jess: What the hell is going on with New Jersey? Surely this team is too good not to have a win. You know what, they get one tonight. 

Bryan: Is this the night the Devils finally win their first game? Just to be devil's advocate towards them (all puns intended,) I say the Sens keep them winless for one more night. Poor Jagr...devil may cry. ;)

Debi:  Gotta go with the Sens.

Minnesota Wild (3-2-2) at Tampa Bay Lightning (4-2-0)

Jess: Minnesota gets the W on the road.

Bryan: The Bolts are at home, I'll take them for the win.

Debi:  Gut says the Wild, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bolts pull off the win at home.

Boston Bruins (3-2-0) at Florida Panthers (2-5-0)

Jess: I'm back and forth on this one. Eenie meenie miney...Bruins.

Bryan: Bruins.

Debi: Well, if all else fails, there will always be a baseball game to watch.  Boston will dominate.

8:00 pm ET

St. Louis Blues (4-1-0) at Chicago Blackhawks (4-1-1)

Jess: Ooh! This will be a fun game to watch. I like Chicago in this game, but nothing will surprise me (except for a blowout either way.) I'm going with Chicago, but I don't feel confident about it.

Bryan: This gets my pick for game of the night. I'm thinking this goes at least to OT. In the end I think the Hawks emerge victorious.

Debi:  One of the really great games on tonight.  I really don't know for sure, but looking for the Blues to upset on the road.

Los Angeles Kings (4-3-0) at Nashville Predators (3-3-0)

Jess: I think the Kings right some  mistakes they've made on this road swing and come out on top tonight. LA it is.

Bryan: I apologize ahead of time to the Q's favorite teacher, but blood is thicker than water. For my long list sis, Preds pull out a win.

Debi: This one is a hard one for me.  I think both teams have had moments of greatness so far this year.  It really is a toss-up, but I think Nashville just might pull this off at home.

8:30 pm ET

San Jose Sharks (6-0-0) at Dallas Stars (2-3-0)

Jess: Gross. Sharks.

Bryan: Do the Stars deal the Sharks their first loss of the season? I say no, San Jose stays perfecto at least for one more day.

Debi: Thank God for NHL Centre Ice, as I will be able to catch the beginning of this game, then head over to the Avs game.  Looking for the Sharks to completely blow the Stars outta the arena.

9:00 pm ET

Detroit Red Wings (5-2-0) at Colorado Avalanche (6-0-0)

Jess: I always, always, always love this game. I don't care if Detroit is in the East now - I'm not quite sure why that makes a difference when it comes to a chippy rivalry. It'll be an awesome game, and I can't WAIT to see Patrick Roy lose is ish tonight. Oh you know it's gonna happen. Avs.

Bryan: Whoa Avs, will they also stay perfect? Yes they do, beating the Wings in the night cap!

Debi: Many are predicting the Red Wings will be the team to end the Av's win streak, but I don't think so.  Taking the Avs to win and I WILL be watching this game!

Jess: Debi's internet was being a snot today, so she entrusted me with adding images and/or videos. You know what that means! Today we get the past week's best goals...because that's always fun. Video courtesey of NHL.com. Enjoy!
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10/18/13   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Well that was ugly....

10/17/13   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Ugh Detroit is leading 4-2.  

10/17/13   |   Scott   |   53586 respect

Blues/Blackhawks are two evenly matched teams. Blues take round 2 in a shoot out

10/17/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Pens win!  4-1 and the Pens are the ones flying while the Flyers are the ones who can't get off the ground...and yes, all puns intended.

10/17/13   |   Jess   |   34824 respect

I just realized...I won't be able to watch the entire Avs game...probably some of it though!