NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]

No big rivalries tonight, but still some great hockey on tap!

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Blog Photo - NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]It's Thursday night, and once again I find myself with a day off and the ability to watch hockey.  There are some pretty good games on tonight, and they won't be easy to pick, but my esteemed cohorts and I will do our best.  

7:00 pm ET

St. Louis Blues (14-3-3) at Boston Bruins (14-6-1)

Jess: Two great teams; should be fun! It'll be a close one, but I'm picking the home team.

Kramer:  This is the game of the night for the early slate, should be exciting!  I think this goes down to the wire, and the Blues will get the last laugh on the road.

Debi:  I agree, a definite game to watch.  Both teams are even in the last ten games, both have 14 wins and are fighting for top spot.  I honestly don't have a clue who to pick in this one, so eenie meenie.....Bruins at home.

Nashville Predators (10-9-2) at Toronto Maple Leafs (13-7-1)

Jess: Leafs

Kramer:   Could be a tough game, my heart says Preds but my head says Leafs on home ice, sorry sis.

Debi:  Oh, I don't want to pick this one.  I really want the Preds to beat the Leafs tonight, but I'm in agreement with you Bry.  I don't know if they can do it.  Ah hell, I'll pick them anyway.

Buffalo Sabres (5-17-1) at Philadelphia Flyers (8-10-2)


Jess: Ew. Uhm...I'm calling the upset here for no other reason than maybe Buffalo's due.

Kramer:  Woof...Sabres with the stop of Philly's little win streak.

Debi:  Philly at home, and they were my favorite team as a kid, so I'll take the Flyers for the win.

7:30 pm ET

Carolina Hurricanes (8-9-4) at Detroit Red Wings (9-6-7)

Jess: What happened to the Wings this year? This should be decent game; fairly well matched teams will battle it out. Canes.

Kramer:  How long can this go on?  Just because I can, I'm picking the Canes to steal this one and the Wings to (at least one more time) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Debi:  Cam Ward is back.  Hurricanes it is.
Blog Photo - NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]
8:00 pm ET

Chicago Blackhawks (14-4-4) at Winnipeg Jets (10-10-3)

Jess: I think the Blackhawks bounce back after the debacle that was their last game against Colorado and take it out on Winnipeg tonight.

Kramer:  Chicago got embarrassed their last game in Denver, Winnipeg will feel the wrath of an angry Hawks team tonight.

Debi: Chicago isn't used to having games like the one against the Avs, and it seemed like they didn't know what to do.  I'm not so quick to say they will beat Winnipeg.  They probably will, but just for fun, I'll take the Jets.

8:30 pm ET

New York Rangers (10-11-0) at Dallas Stars (11-7-2)


Jess: Obviously...

Kramer:   This could be an interesting matchup...I think I'll take the Rangers to win this one down in Big D.

Debi:  I'm taking the Rangers to kick some Dallas azz.

9:00 pm ET

Colorado Avalanche (15-5-0) at Phoenix Coyotes (14-4-3)

Jess: Avs

Kramer:  For the later games, this is the best matchup.  I think being that this is in Colorado, the Avs will get it done.

Debi:  Game is actually in Phoenix, Bryan, and I agree that this is a great matchup.  I'm taking the 'Yotes at home.

9:30 pm ET

Florida Panthers (6-12-4) at Edmonton Oilers (6-15-2)

Jess: Gross. It'll probably be a decent game, honestly, but still...gross. Oilers, only because they're at home.

Kramer:  Jess asked me how many "games of the night" I had a few nights ago.  Well how about having 2 WOOFS in one night?  That's the case here...umm, Oilers.

Debi:  Panthers beat Vancouver.  Edmonton beat the Blue Jackets.  Panthers got this one.
Blog Photo - NHL Thursday Night [Live Thread]
10:30 pm ET

New Jersey Devils (8-8-5) at Los Angeles Kings (15-6-1)

Jess: Kings are clearly the better team here, and they're at home. L.A.

Kramer:  We know our favorite teacher will be there, and the Kings will send her and the rest of the Staples crowd home happy tonight!

Debi:  Kings should take this one easy.

Tampa Bay Lightning (14-7-0) at San Jose Sharks (13-3-5)

Jess: Oh boy. Uhm. Eenie-meenie-miney-Bolts.

Kramer:   It doesn't get any better for the Bolts out west.  San Jose wins this one at the Shark Tank.

Debi:  I'm not so sure the Sharks are going to walk out of this one so easily.  Granted they have home ice advantage, but the Bolts want to stop the slide they are on and this just may be the night they do so.

I know that Jess loves the goalie saves, so I'll end with this save by Reto Barra of my Flames from last night.  What a save!

Don't forget to make your picks in the Game Center and join in here for the action.

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11/21/13   |   Scott   |   54636 respect

Blues with their 6th straight win in Boston and extend their franchise best start to the season

11/21/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Aaaaand Mama's team gets the win :)

11/21/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

Yep.  They're making mama pretty proud.

11/21/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

The Preds are really putting a hurting on Toronto tonight!!

11/21/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

Can someone please call Shea Weber and tell him I'm crushing on Craig Smith tonight?

11/21/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

I hope the Preds continue to prove you wrong, Kramer.  I'm pretty pleased with what I've seen tonight.