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Football? Nah. Baseball? Not even. Hockey? Hell Yeah! [Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - NHL Tuesday Night [Live Thread]We aren't ten games into the season and yet already a few teams are sending a message to the rest that they are in this to win it all.  San Jose remains the only team without an out and out loss, and there are a handful more who have only one loss.  Those statistics change daily, but in the meantime, we all get to be entertained by some pretty great hockey.  

My cohorts, Jess and Bryan,  will be joining me again (I hope) so let's get started!

7:00 pm
Anaheim Ducks (7-1-0) at Toronto Maple Leafs (6-3-0)

Jess: WOW these Ducks are off to another good start this year. Of course, that happened last year too, and look what happened. Anyway, I think that this will be an exciting game and I can't wait to see them go up against Carlyle. I still can't stand that guy and I hope they stick it to him.

Bryan: The Ducks are definitely coming out guns-a-blazing!  I'm impressed with both teams.  I think this could be one of the most exciting games of the night.  In the end, I'm taking Jess's Ducks to come out on top.

Debi: This could be a really good game.  Has Boudreau changed the Ducks lines, strategies and plays enough that Carlyle won't have a clue how the team is going to play?  Will home team advantage give the Leafs a little more?  This is a tough one for me, but think the Ducks will prevail.

Vancouver Canucks (5-4-1) at New York Islanders (3-3-2)

Jess: For Debi, Go Isles!

Bryan: I am going to be the loner here and pick the Canucks.  The Isles have guys suspended and hurt and it's some of their key guys.  Vancouver wins it.

Debi:  HA! I don't care about records or anything.  Isles are gonna kick some azz!! 

New Jersey Devils (1-4-3) at Columbus Blue Jackets (3-5-0)

Jess: Aww this one will be...interesting. Sometimes with these sub-par teams going head to head though, we get some great hockey. Will we see that in this game? Maybe. I'll call the upset just because.

Bryan:  Ha, do I dare give this the "woof" distinction of the night?  I think I should.  Anyways, I'm going to give this one to Columbus.  My question to Jess is who's the favorite here?  They're both having lackluster starts.

Debi:  Oh dear.  Not the game of the night.  I still can't believe the Devils are having such a bad start to the season, but I don't think they will do any better tonight.  Columbus it is.

7:30 pm
Edmonton Oilers (2-6-1) at Montreal Canadiens (5-3-0)

Jess: Habs at home.

Bryan: BK presents "Learn French in 5 easy seconds!"  Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir!  (The Canadiens are going to win tonight!

Debi:  I think the Habs are actually playing better than their record shows.  They should take this one fairly easily.

Chicago Blackhawks (5-1-2) at Florida Panthers (3-6-0)

Jess: I think the Blackhawks win this one easily and give Chicago fans something to be happy about after a rough weekend.

Bryan:  HAHA, Hawks.

Debi: Last year's champs are starting off about as stong as they finished off.  They only have one regular season loss so far and this game will not hand them another one.
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8:00 pm
Nashville Predators (5-3-1) at Minnesota Wild (3-3-3)


Jess: Preds are picking up and looking better! Minnesota...isn't. They're at home tonight though, and I think they squeak one out here - maybe in overtime.

Bryan: I'm making this one a clean sweep for my Q sis, Preds it is.

Debi:  Christi''s team has this one.

Washington Capitals (3-5-0) at Winnepeg Jets (4-5-0)

Jess: Gah. Uhm...this game just screams mediocrity to me. Eenie meenie miney....Jets.

Bryan: The Caps should be so much better than they are.  Neither team impresses me.  I wouldn't be surprised to see this one go to about a 10-round shootout.  That said, I'm taking the...Jets.

Debi:  I really had hoped that the Jets were going to be a little stronger this season.  Dustin Byfuglien has played so well and I thought he could encourage some stellar play out of his teammates, but so far, that isn't happening.   I still think they can pull off the win against the Caps. 
Blog Photo - NHL Tuesday Night [Live Thread]
10:00 pm
Calgary Flames (4-2-2)  at Phoenix Coyotes (5-2-2)

Jess: I'm still mad at the Yotes. Debi - I'm picking your team on principle.

Bryan: They're playing a lot better to start off than anyone thought they would, Debi!  I'll take them for the win in this one.

Debi:  My poor Flames!! First the Kings last night, and now the 'Yotes tonight.  They are gonna be exhausted.  But, Cammaleri is back with the team, and scored the tying goal against the Kings last night.  The Flames are really hot right now, exhausted or not, and I think they can give the 'Yotes are real challenge.  Heck, I think they can even win it!

Thanks for joining us! Q it up here for loads of hockey this Tuesday evening!

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10/22/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I hate this night so far.

10/22/13   |   Jess   |   35096 respect


10/22/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

I am cautiously optimistic that the Preds are indeed finding their skates.  Time to give Ryan Suter and the Wild some hell!

10/22/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Jess wrote:
My answer to BK is: The Devils are NOT the favorites :/ what happened to this team?

Their best scorer went home to Russia and Elias can't do it all himself every night.

10/22/13   |   Jess   |   35096 respect

My answer to BK is: The Devils are NOT the favorites :/ what happened to this team?