NHL Tuesday night (Live Thread)

Are The Red Wings Faltering? Or Will They Come On Strong For The Playoffs? [NHL Live Thread]

3/24/09 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Monday night saw the Red Wings, number 2 in the NHL meet up with the Calgary Flames, who sit at 1st in the Northwest Division, but 6th overall.  Unfortunately for the Wings, my Flames put a hurting on them and beat them 5-3.

Tonight, the Red Wings are stuck up here in the great white north, and let me tell you it is still cold here, as they take on the Edmonton Oilers.  Normally, the pick would be pretty obvious, as the Oilers haven't played like the Oilers of the Gretzky era in some time.  With one less game played than the Flames or the Canucks, they sit at 3rd in the Northwest Division.  However, they are returning home to Rexall Centre after a winning road trip, with victories in two of three games.  They have just signed Jordan Eberle to an entry level position and he is likely anxious to show what he can do. 

Nik Listrom is trying to get to 1000 points and the Wings themselves are only two wins away from earning 50 wins in four straight seasons.  The Wings are strong, as always at this time of year and it is unlikely they will falter, but who knows, it could be one of those games nobody saw coming.

Other games on tonight are:

7:00 pm ET
Washington Capitals @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Minnesota Wild @ New York Rangers
7:30 pm ET
Atlanta Thrashers @ Montreal Canadiens
Columbus Blue Jackets @ Tampa Bay Rays
8:00 pm ET
Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ Nashville Predators
8:30 pm ET
Los Angeles Kings @ St. Louis Blues
Vancouver Canucks @ Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings @ Edmonton Oilers

Talk it up on the game pages, or right here in the Live Thread.  And don't forget to make your picks for the games, perfect scores win bonuses!
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4/19/09   |   SusanVette   |   9101 respect

Wings will win because that's what we do this time of year.  All the regular season pretenders can step aside now for the champs.

3/27/09   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

The Wings aren't faltering at all.  In fact, they seem to be coming on strong at just the right time.

That's bad news for the beat up Sharks.  Who are having a terrible time winning away from the tank these days.

3/25/09   |   Stroda37

They will go good in the play off"s and go to the stanly cup

3/25/09   |   ninorules92

The wings are not faltering, if anything they are relaxing before making another historic run at the cup, which i believe they will win, for the REPEAT!! GO WINGS!!!!

3/25/09   |   SEEININFRARED   |   1 respect

Okay. Now this is the Redwings we are talking about. When have they not come on strong in the playoffs. It's like starting a whole new season when it comes to playing for the cup. They have a history of going up and down in the regular season but at the same time they still end up going to the big dance. NEVER NEVER NEVER rule out the Redwings come playoff time. They will suprise you, Sneak up on you, and even beat you when you are not looking. They have a winning tradition and I don't think this year they are going to let up in any way. I like the Redwings but at the same time I gotta pull for my boys in Dallas. It's going to be an interesting post season and it wouldn't be post season without the Redwings.

3/25/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Raven73 wrote:
Wowzers girlie! You got this writing thing down, eh? Yeah, had to say it cause I'm from Michigan...southern Michigan.

I won't hold that against you Rheda. ;)

3/25/09   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Raven73 wrote:
Wowzers girlie! You got this writing thing down, eh? Yeah, had to say it cause I'm from Michigan...southern Michigan.

Well congrats then Michigan gal, the Red Wings came back and smacked the Oilers 3-2!

3/25/09   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

Wowzers girlie! You got this writing thing down, eh? Yeah, had to say it cause I'm from Michigan...southern Michigan.

3/24/09   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Well Edmonton is leading 1-0 in the second

3/24/09   |   MikeBizal

Red Wings will do it.

3/24/09   |   a2mike88

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No, they're not faltering...they're over-achieving!!!  With their erratic goaltending and awful penalty-killing, it's amazing that they're in the hunt for the president's trophy.  They could go all the way to the final...or get bounced in round one!!!  Wings fans...time to break out the Pepto Bismol!!!!

3/24/09   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I never discount the Wings, I've been watching hockey toooooooo long, but a slump is possible, and so is a surge on the part of the Oilers.