NHL Wednesday Night [Live Thread]

It's Trade Deadline Day, but the games go on! [NHL Thread]

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Blog Photo - NHL Wednesday Night [Live Thread]I woke up this morning fully expecting to see that Mikka Kiprusoff had been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, but I realized I missed a small headline that advised he has decided to stay in Calgary.  Maybe there is some hope for the Flames tonight, although without Iginla and Bouwmeester, I know it is a tough job coaching this team.  It has to be painful for the remaining players, knowing that two of their best players have been traded away, for future "prospects" that no one had any idea about.  But life, and hockey, go on.  

Tonight is a relatively calm night, as far as the number of games is concerned, but certainly the intensity is there.  We have two rematches tonight, my team, who lost the other night, and Jess's team, who slammed the door shut on the hated Dallas Stars.  Then there is Pittsburgh, Bryan's team, who also suffered a loss to the Sabres last night, ending their winning streak at 15.  

Let's see what our schedule has in store for us tonight, all times Eastern:

7:30 pm

Pittsburgh Penguins (28-9-0) at New York Rangers (17-15-3)
Broadcast:  NBCSN

Bryan: The streak ended last night, but don't make it a big slump. I have faith that they'll bounce back.

Jess: Yea, I don't see the Penguins losing this against the Rangers. Then again, I didn't see them losing to the Sabres either. I think they bounce back tonight though and take it out on New York.

Debi:  The Pens lost to the Sabres last night, which shocked the hell outta me.  I don't think there is any way they will lose tonight, however, even without Sid.  

Montreal Canadiens (23-7-5) at Philadelphia Flyers (15-17-3)
Broadcast:  RDS, TSN, CSN-PH

Bryan: Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir.

Jess: Habs win.

Debi:  I'm kind of shocked at how well the Habs are doing this year, although I shouldn't be.  They shouldn't have too much trouble with the Flyers, 

10:00 pm

Edmonton Oilers (15-13-7) at Calgary Flames (13-17-4)
Broadcast:  SNET-W

Bryan: I gotta go with the Flames for some moral support.

Jess: So Kiprusoff is staying and the Flames are at home. Hmm...I'm going with them tonight against Edmonton.

Debi:  You know I can't pick against my Flames, especially in the Battle of Alberta.  The winners in this series have all been the home team, so I'm hoping that the Flames can survive, but I'm not holding my breath. Now that Kipper has reportedly decided against any move to another team, his goaltending could make the difference.  Fingers crossed.
Blog Photo - NHL Wednesday Night [Live Thread]
Dallas Stars (16-16-3) at Anaheim Ducks (24-7-5)
Broadcast:  FS-SW, KDOC

Bryan: The Stars are waving the white flag. Ducks win this one.

Debi:  I was so happy to see the shutout the Ducks pulled off the other night against this team, and hopefully tonight will get them another.   Even if they don't shut them out, I still think they will get the win.

Jess: Ack Debi! Early jinx. It's okay, I don't really need another shutout (though it would make me giddy). I just want a win. I hope the two of you are right.

10:30 pm

Minnesota Wild  (21-12-2) at San Jose Sharks (18-11-6)
Broadcast:   NBCSN, FS-N

Bryan: Hmm, just a gut feeling, but gonna take the Wild on the road in this night cap.

Jess: The Sharks tried as they might to give Vancouver the game the other night toward the end, so I don't have a ton of faith in them tonight. They looked good out the gate but faltered toward the end. Does that little slump continue? I don't know. I'm going to have to say....Sharks. But I'm not confident, and if it happens I think it'll be close.

Debi:  I have a friend I met years ago way over on NASCAR.com who is a huge Wild fan.  He even had their crest tattooed on his bicep.  He is stoked, I'm sure, to see that they are having a decent season - that is, in between changing diapers - last I heard, he had three? kids.  In any case, I think the Wild will prevail.  They are nearing the end of a road trip and undoubtedly tired, but the Sharks will be dealing with some holes in their lineups, most recently Ryane Clowe. Wild it is.

We have only a few games tonight, as I said, and they are later games than we are, perhaps, used to.  However, there will be some excellent hockey, I have no doubt.  I need to get my hockey love going again, and there's nothing like a few good games, no matter the teams, to do just that.  Join me and my co-hosts as we get this trade stuff all over and done with, and get back to the business of playing the game.  On to the Playoffs!

Jess: Piping in here to post a vid! I'm feeling a little goofy today, so what better way to share my mood than with some bloopers? Crazy fun. 

Video courtesy of NHL.com
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4/4/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Well I picked the Ducks right.....

4/4/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Ugly ending...  Heatly slashed Vlasic in front of the net.  Vlasic retaliates and mayhem ensues...

4/4/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Nice to get a little breathing room....  Up 4-2.  Could it be another regulation win for the Sharks?  Could this team be gelling as the season starts to wind up?  It would be good timing...

4/4/13   |   Jess   |   35103 respect

4/4/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

BTW...  Regarding Sharks moves...  Not too happy with losing Clowe and Murray.  But they were expensive and likely to get more expensive being UFA's.  Nice to stock up on some much needed draft picks.  Fine with getting Hannon back but a HUGE frown in getting Raffi Torres.  I really hope he doesn't do something stupid like the cement head that he is.  

4/4/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

My remote is getting a mini work out tonight....   Moving from Sharks to Giants to A's and back....   All squads holding leads so it's a good night for the Bay Area thus far...

4/3/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I have to say, I love my co-hosts and their support of my Flames!  Unfortunately, although they got two goals, the f***** Oilers have 5.  I'm so broken hearted that I won't have a real team to cheer for for a couple of years at least.  My heart hurts :(

4/3/13   |   Jess   |   35103 respect


4/3/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

How about those Sharks?  Another good start to the game.  Hopefully this time they won't let the other team back in....

4/3/13   |   marcus_nyce   |   27765 respect

The Bryzzer is in full BryzMode tonight. He just ducked out of the way of a goal, 12 seconds after giving up a goal to begin with. God bless him.