NHL and Flyers working hard to make Winter Classic a success story

Plans for NHL Winter Classic in Philadelphia already underway

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Philadelphia fans are extremely eager to know the plan about 2012 Winter Classic. However, for them the wait continues as NHL continues to negotiate with the Phillies and Citizens Bank Park.
According to schedule, the Fyers and New York Rangers will be playing outdoors at 1pm on Monday, the 2nd of January. Although the date creeps closer, details of the event have been kept under wraps.

The main hand behind Philadelphia’s bid for the Winter Classic is their President, Peter Luukko. He confirmed that the game featuring American Hockey League’s Adirondack Phantoms and Penn State University hockey teams are ready roll.

In a recent press release Luukko stated, “Those are both very good possibilities. There is a cost associated with keeping (the rink) up a couple days.”

Luukko informed that although the Winter Classic is originally a Flyers home game, the event is being worked out by the NHL. Nonetheless he told fans and Flyers season ticket holders that there would be plenty of tickets for the event. Luukko assured that by saying, “That's part of the deal.”

The Citizens Bank Park can carry around 45,000 viewers. According to reports the festivities for the tournament have already started. It can also be reported that once proper tickets have been allotted to each team NHL will be conducting an online lottery to hand out rest of the tickets. Luukko also confided that any events that involved Phantoms and Nittany Lions would be taking place following the Classic.

Luukko commented, “I think the first big introduction to the public should be an NHL event because the setup is so tremendous and looks so great. That would be the proper unveiling.”

The Wells Fargo Center is likely to have an open date on 2nd January. Flyers want to take advantage of that and open up their building alongside the adjacent parking lot. They are expected to kick off a week-long hockey festival and of hockey-related activities.

After the Winter Classic game against the Rangers Flyers will be gearing up for their home games against the Chicago Blackhawks and Ottawa Senators on January 5th and 7th.

Luukko informed that the Flyers will be assisting NHL in suggesting musical acts for the Winter Classic pre-game.
Before the 2010 Winter Classic started in Boston’s Fenway Park, local rock band the Dropkick Murphys performed for the event which was followed by James Taylor and Star Spangeled Banner. This time BoyzII Men, The Hooters, The Roots, Hall and Oates, Will Smith, Patti LaBelle and Pink are being recommended for the event.
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Flyers-Rangers...Classic Rivals....

8/6/11   |   MatteoNYY   |   1 respect

o yaa but isles cant win soooooo

8/6/11   |   MatteoNYY   |   1 respect

ML31 wrote:
This is the 5th game and already two teams have played in it twice.  Not cool.  Share the wealth, I say!

yea screw the flyers lets do isles vs. rangers

8/6/11   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Wait a sec, it's not on New Year's Day?  Oh wait, there's football that day cause it's a Sunday so all the other stuff, including bowl games, are pushed back to the second.  I just hope it's not over 60 degrees in Philly that day, that was not a pretty sight at Heinz Field.

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This is the 5th game and already two teams have played in it twice.  Not cool.  Share the wealth, I say!