NHL forward to getting their players out of the Olympics

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThere has been a long debate going on in the NHL whether they should allow players to attend the Olympics while they literally put everything else on standhold until they return. The 2018 Olympics will be held at South Korea and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman isn’t keen on letting the players attend Olympics, as his stance on the issue has remained in favor of ending this tradition and making the players stay while they continue league matches.
The issue has been open for quite some time now and over the course of the next 6 months it will intensify as the franchise owners, NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association) and the International Ice Hockey Federation hold talks with each other to find out a solution for the problem.
Bettman said that the issue could easily be solved within the timeframe of 6 months.
"I don't see why it couldn't be done in that time frame," Bettman said.
He said that the goal of the talks was to have everyone agree on a mutually selected option that would be beneficial for both players and the NHL.
"It's about what makes sense to the International Organizing Committee, to the IIHF, to the NHLPA and to the NHL. Just as Don has to figure out and hear from the players, I have to do the same things with the clubs and the owners,” Bettman said.
There is no hiding the fact that the players enjoy participating in the Olympics as it gives them the opportunity to participate in the same game with different teams and play at the international level. They get to represent their countries with sportsmanship honor and the games themselves are a great experience.
The NHL will also have to hear the say of players and few will say that they do not care about Olympic participation. This means that the talks will not be as easy as portrayed by Bettman and may actually take more time than thought before.
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I do not think the NHL has gained very much by suspending their season every 4 years.  This practice should end.  I do not like the idea of my team's players playing in some mid season tournament going 100% to where they could get hurt or come back not at their best.  If players want to play in international tournaments there is always the World Championships played at the end of every NHL season and the World Cup of Hockey.  Which I'm sure will be resurrected should the NHL no longer compete in the Winter Olympics.