NHL general managers set to talk about overtime changes at March meeting

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe general managers within NHL will be getting together on March for their annual meeting to discuss things. One of the main topics that they will be talking about will definitely be the overtime changes and for that they have a very recent example to refer to, which is the match of Detroit Red Wings versus the Los Angeles Kings.
To start things off Detroit managed to get the tying goal and that should not have happened. It was the referees fault that they did not notice and flag the goal as it did not make contact with the protective netting. At the end of the match the Kings lost the game during shootouts.
To make the matters even graver in the match, the aftermath showed that the Red Wing could have been out of the playoffs altogether if it was not but that goal which was not noticed by the referee. For GM Ken Holland, this is a serious matter and he is not the only one sharing that view as all other GMs are pursuing the matter with same approach.
The general managers and the fans readily agree on point that all games should be fair no matter how they turn out. That means they don’t like to see such bad calls being made and the ramifications of the decision being so tremendous as giving a playoffs spot. When overtime is called it is done so that the match may not end in a tie.
Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill said that he wanted the games played to be decided on skill and playing  in a shootout really brought out some negative aspects of the game.
"I would prefer for our game to be decided by playing hockey instead of the skill part of the game, which is the shootout. It's really tough. You can play a great game, play a great overtime and then you go to a shootout,” he said, “and just because you lose a shootout it feels like you've lost the game -- and you have, and it hurts because you played such a good game. I would rather lose a game by playing the game."
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First of all...  The playoff field in the NHL is so very huge that changes to the regular season really don't matter much.  The best teams still all get in along with a number of mediocre ones.  I abhorred the shootout but tolerated it because I know the regular season is so nearly utterly meaningless. 

That being said...   The issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that some games are worth 3 points while others only 2.  This is absurd.  The obvious solution is to play the OT and just go back to having ties.  There is nothing wrong with a tie and I have no idea why NHL owners felt ties were such a pariah.  However, if they HAVE to have shootouts to eliminate ties in the regular season there is a monumentally simple fix.  Regulation wins = 3 points.  OT & SO wins = 2 points.  OT & SO loses = 1 point.  Regulation losses = 0 points.  The standings would show W-L in regulation and W-L in OT/SO.  All games are now worth 3 points.  The standings more accurately reflect how teams are doing.  And it is a monumentally simple fix.

If this were MLB I would just assume the owners would come up with the most idiotic solution imaginable (like that pathetic "play-in" game).  But I have just a little more faith in the NHL owners.  Sure, they could still pull a boner and make another shootout like decision.  But, unlike their MLB counterparts, there is still a chance they could make the better decision.