NHL requests break from negoitiations

Gary Bettman wants to doom December, suggests break from NHL negotiations that are not even happening

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Blog Photo - NHL requests break from negoitiationsIn the latest from the lockout, the NHL and NHL Players Union have not met since Sunday. According to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, the solution to the stalemate in labor negotiations is for the two parties to not meet for a couple weeks more.

Now you see why these guys have trouble coming to an agreement. With games already canceled through the rest of November, Bettman's proposed two-week moratorium on negotiations is likely to cancel any chance of NHL hockey for the remainder of 2012.

Commissioner Bettman is suggesting a two-week moratorium in NHL labor talks, ESPN reports. This is after the sides have not met face-to-face since Sunday -- and even then, met only for an hour.

If the two sides don't have an agreement by Thanksgiving, the NHL will further cancel the NHL regular season through Dec. 15. A two-week moratorium would obviously ensure that the Thanksgiving deadline will pass, and those cancellations would be in effect. The NHL has already cancelled the regular season through November 30, and the January 1 Winter Classic has also already been scrapped.

Blog Photo - NHL requests break from negoitiations"If indeed they do not want to meet, it will be at least the third time in the last three months that they have shut down the dialogue, saying they will not meet unless the players meet their preconditions," players association attorney Steve Fehr told the USA Today. "What does that tell you about their interest in resolving this?"

The two sides are still far apart on revenue sharing, the issue of whether to limit player contracts to a max of five years, and whether players should be able to enter free agency before the age of 28.

The other issue the sides are haggling over is which side will cover the costs of the NHL lockout. That one gets harder to resolve with each passing day of the increasingly costly lockout.
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I want my HOCKEY FIXED!!!!!!

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This is really bad for the NHL, we have miss way to many games and have young stars in their primes which could be the face of many franchises but there is no games. So instead of gaining new fans and keeping ones that just got into the sport within the last two years they will be starting at a new low. For those trying to pass time the NBC sports channel has NCAA Hockey on Friday nights. Right now it is Harvard and Cornell in the 1st with 13 minutes left score 0-0.