NHL trade deadline going erratic as teams lack funds and talent coming up short

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe NHL trade deadline is set to be at noon on the coming Wednesday and the days coming up to the trade have not been as many had predicted them to be. Teams are not going actively after players and the few that are pursuing are doing the best they can to make the most of their cap space and the decision to sign the players.
Usually as the trade deadline approaches teams scramble to finalize their choices and execute their plans. This time it seems that many are taking their time out of the trades as they are not participating in those activities. Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill said that he and the other general managers would not be rushing things as the trade deadline approached and the people who were hoping to see a whole lot of change with the coming trade will have to be disappointed.
"It's tough to make deals right now," Nill said.
And Nill has good reason to say that things are hard in times like these. There are just a few teams that are in the playoffs and the others simply don’t want to participate in the trades. Their reasons vary. Some don’t have the cap space to accommodate new players and others are happy with what they are packing in their roster. Others simply don’t want to trade right now and are waiting for better options to open in the future.
There is also the fact that the trade did not bring with it the vast array of talent and players that the teams were hoping to get. With little choices to choose from, players are short and franchises are even shorter on their choices and are not willing to get stuck with a player that will consume roster space, their funds and become a liability.
Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford explained in a phone interview that the 24 hours prior to the trade deadline were usually the most active ones in which team’s made their choices.
"The most unpredictable time in the NHL is 24 hours around July 1 and 24 hours around the trade deadline," Rutherford explained. "It's hard to say. There may be a bunch of deals made for lesser players, for like role players or fourth-line players or depth defensemen or things like that.”
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Rangers and Lightning pull off the first big deal on the day of the trade deadline.

Martin St. Louis is headed to Broadway while Ryan Callahan is taking his talents to Tampa.  Lightning also get a 2nd round pick this year and a 1st round pick next season.  The Rangers get a pick back if Callahan resigns with them in the offseason