NJ Devils coach Pete DeBoer says NHL playoffs are unfair due to the schedule

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe new NHL playoff format has been under scrutiny by many people both within and without the NHL. Among them is New Jersey Devils head coach Pete DeBoer who doesn’t hold back his opinion that the new NHL playoff format is unfair for the teams and makes the difference Conferences uneven.
Presently there are 14 teams in the Western Conference and 16 in the Eastern Conference. DeBoer is of the view that having both Conferences qualifying 8 teams is unfair as there are unequal numbers of teams and there should be a solid method by which the amount of qualifying teams should be derived.
On Wednesday after practice DeBoer said that he was not happy with how the Conferences were sorted out and the disparity in teams made the matter of playoff qualifying teams even more confusing.
“I don’t like the fact the fact that the conferences are not even,” DeBoer said “I still don’t understand that, the 16 teams and the 14. If someone could explain that to me, I’d probably feel more comfortable with it.”
The Devils will have to get 5 more points if they want to get a playoff spot. They have 10 more games to play and they know each one matters. Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur said that they were paying extra attention to the games now that they were in the last stretch and that combined with preparation and motivation was the key to winning games. He added that sizing up the opponents along with the importance of the match was critical at the last stretch of games.
“I think it’s kind of a due diligence for your team as far as preparation and motivation,” said Brodeur. “This time of the year you gotta know where you stand and the importance of each of the games that you play and the matchups for opponents that are around you.”
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I've said the set up was ridiculous from day one.  I still say the NHL needs to go with 3 10 team divisions.  4 games against the other 9 teams in your divisions.  Home and home against the other 20.  That makes for a 76 game schedule.  The top division finishers are seeded 1, 2 and 3.  And 4-16 are total points.  Playoffs are league wide.  16 plays 1, etc.  No set brackets so after each round the highest advancing seed always plays the lowest advancing seed.  It's quite simple.  And more than fair.