NL East 2013 preview

The NL East: taglines for 2013 season

3/26/13 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

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Washington Nationals

"Now featuring full-time baseball players!"

Philadelphia Phillies

"90% relying on the guys who 100% let us down last year! You got a problem with that?"

New York Mets

"Can anybody explain to us why we're still paying Bobby Bonilla? As soon as we get that straightened out the sky is the limit for the New York Mets!" 

Atlanta Braves

"Leading the league in Uptons. Crushing it, really."

Miami Marlins

"Pretty much just hoping to sell Giancarlo Stanton on the idea of having his very own baseball team." 

You're up next, NL Central. Spoiler: the Cubs' streak continues!

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